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Do you enjoy eating?

Yes? So do I. I used to crave for food and I was inviting eating disorders without knowing. I was a card-carrying member of the See-Food Club! I mean See-food and eat it! I hope you get the joke!

These disorders start because of many reasons.
It does not start from birth. It is possible to live free of all eating disorders. All you need to do is to just embrace the simple, practical, empowering and health enhancing solutions presented on different pages of this website.

Different types of these disorders exist:

  • Anorexia is a deliberate and excessive starvation in order to thin out, burn off fats to mere skin and bones
  • Binge is excessive passion for and eating foods without any care about getting fat
  • Bulimia is eating heavy and often, and throwing up the food to avoid gaining weight.

The danger is, initially, you had everything in control. Later, the habit grows and takes charge of you. But you can break free! I jumped from binge to bulimia and lastly to anorexia.

I broke free and over 12 years after, I still live free, healthy and in top shape. For me, it's been like a full return to eden!

My Secret is no longer a secret. It is laid bare on different pages of this website:

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Go ahead and have a great time here!

To your Lasting Health And Growing Success!

Table Of Contents

Eating Disorders Solution Blog
The Eating Disorders Solution Blog keeps you up-to-date with all changes and additions to the eating-disorders-solution Web site. Subscribe here.
What Are Eating Disorders?
This is the timely and right answer to the frequent what are eating disorders question we face today
Types Of Eating Disorders
Major types of eating disorders are outlined here and briefly discussed
Compulsive Eating Disorder
Compulsive eating disorder is seen by many as a mere bad habit. But it is a dangerous disease as it could result in different health problems and even death. Learn about it and how to halt it here
The Eating Disorders And Dieting Relationship
A description of how eating disorders and dieting relate. How dangerous could dieting programs turn out?
Typical Eating Disorders Types
Eating disorders types are revealed and well explained here...
Causes Of Eating Disorders Unveiled
Some opinions on the causes of eating disorders are right. Some are too academic. Having suffered from eating disorders myself, here's the truth, unveiled simply...
Eating Disorders And The Media Enjoy An Unholy Relationship
Eating disorders and the media seem to have an unholy relationship which negatively affects us...
What Causes Anorexia
What causes anorexia? Many factors including the major conscious choice of the victim are involved.
Causes Of Anorexia
There are many causes of anorexia but your choice plays a most vital role. Learn to help anorexics make or unmake choices...
Social Causes Of Anorexia
Of all the causes of anorexia, the social causes of anorexia seem the worst in its effect and spread. It affects a great number of people within a short while...
Bulimia Causes
Some bulimia causes come from home... Some are our choices...Surprised? Check out this true story!
Detect Signs Of Eating Disorder Early
How often we wish we knew what to do to fix a situation early enough. Reading signs of eating disorder early helps you stop the many dangers of eating disorders from taking root in a victim...
Anorexia Symptoms
Anorexia symptoms are numerous. Some are gender-specific. These symptoms are observable and would help to identify this devastating eating disorder...
Warning Signs Of Anorexia
Obvious warning signs of anorexia in victims are discussed here to make for faster detection of this subtle suicide mission. Learn them here as they are simply presented...
Signs Of Anorexia
What signs of anorexia do you watch out for in both a new and an old victim? Knowing these signs would help in dealing with the challenge early enough...
Symptoms Of Bulimia Eating Disorder
Common symptoms of bulimia eating disorder are outlined here. It's important to know them in view of the current wave of eating disorders sweeping across the globe
Symptoms Of Anorexia
Here are more symptoms of anorexia. They help you identify if you or a loved one is engaged in an anorexic lifestyle...
Symptoms Of Eating Disorders Exposed
Eating disorders are easy to identify. They can be treated. If you recognize these symptoms of eating disorders early, eating disorders can be nipped in the bud
Alarming Effects Of Eating Disorders
Effects of Eating Disorders are so alarming that it's time to expose, discuss and alleviate them. Do not live with the problems, embrace the solution here..
Long Term Effects Of Bulimia
Long term effects of bulimia don't just emerge suddenly by the fifth year or tenth. No. They start gradually to build up. By the time they are observed and felt, they have ravaged the system within..
Effects Of Eating Disorder
Many diseases are often not linked to their eating disorder actual causes. The diseases are treated in isolation. But if you know the hidden effects of eating disorder, you'll live better...
Effects Of Bulimia
Consider the dangerous effects of bulimia before ever thinking of adopting the lifestyle. The price is too expensive compared to the temporary relief it MAY give...
Anorexia Nervosa Effects
Anorexia nervosa effects are many. Some of these effects are immediate, some are long term and disastrous...
Health Risks Of Anorexia
Beyond the assumed control exercised by anorexia victims on eating lie the dangerous and slow-killing health risks of anorexia...
Effects Of Anorexia Nervosa
Understanding the devastating effects of anorexia nervosa is helpful both in preventing one from toying with this eating disorder and in exposing the dangers to victims to enable them seek a way out..
Eating Disorders In Teens And What You Can Do
Eating disorders in teens and What you can do shows teens possibilities of walking out of eating disorders...
Teen Eating Disorders Challenge And Solution
Teen eating disorders in our days can't be ignored. Here are the Reasons, the Dangers and the Way Out...presented by a retired teen and former anorexic
Male Eating Disorder Is Real
Eating disorder is not gender selective, after all. Male eating disorder is real. Guys get badly affected and the reasons are explained here...
Male Anorexia
The reality of male anorexia is a pointer to the fact that anorexia is not gender selective. Boys, men, girls and women could be victims in varying degrees...
Anorexia Women
Anorexia is mostly among women. Homes run by anorexia women are highly endangered species homes...
Girls With Anorexia
Girls with anorexia in our age is common. More girls are victims today than ever before goaded on by the media and their peers. They need help urgently...
Teen Eating Advice
Without a proper and adequate teen eating advice, teens would flow with the tide into different eating disorders. Check out the simple tips here...
College Eating Disorders On A Rampage
College eating disorders are affecting many students and hampering their all-round optimum performance. A healthy body with a healthy brain works the calculus better and faster!
Eating Disorder Recovery Tips
Eating disorder recovery could sound daunting if not impossible. You could follow these simple steps for sustainable results. Yes, engage these simple steps and enjoy liberty!!!
Best Treatment For Eating Disorders
Best treatment for eating disorders can be effected by YOU. You are your body's best care giver. Get the info for your sustainable freedom from eating disorders here!
Eating Disorder Help Is Available
Eating disorder help for sustainable freedom requires among other factors, your taking responsibility to move from victim to victor...
Moringa Helps
If still battling with eating disorders, try moringa now. Moringa helps a lot....
Anorexia Recovery Tips
Your anorexia recovery is a possibility. But you must start picturing yourself out of it with a firm no-return decision. It is sure but gradual using the solution here...
I Beat Anorexia
I beat anorexia shirt worn by the extra large folks gives the impression that binge is the answer to anorexia. Not so. You can beat anorexia and live a balanced healthy life free from eating disorders
Stop Binge Eating
To stop binge eating, you just have to have enough info on why and the how will come cheap. See the practical steps taken by a former victim here...
Overcoming Binge Eating
A decision on overcoming binge eating sure attracts all manner of temptations to drop the idea of ever coming out. There are many possibilities here...
How To Stop Binge Eating
If you really want to know how to stop binge eating, then this is the place and the time is now...
Masticating Juicers
Juicers are of different kinds. Masticating juicers have an advantage of returning nearest-to-nature-juices to their users...
Centrifugal Juicers
There are different kinds of juicers. Centrifugal juicers are a kind. They are easily available and cheaper. Masticating juicers are another kind.
Online Super Store
Welcome to your complete online super store where you get great juicers, awesome books on eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, binge and other health issues at affordable prices. Shop now.
I Beat Anorexia Super Store
I Beat Anorexia Super Store has many helpful products to beat anorexia with and keep your victory reinforced. Products range from books to your Victory-Declaration I Beat Anorexia shirts, and more...
The Secret Is In A Book
The secret is in a book always. Run your body system efficiently starting today using the information here...
Sexual Anorexia Solution
Find sexual anorexia solution here. The right information can change your life forever...!
What Is Anorexia
If I read an excellent and informed answer to What Is anorexia some years ago, I wouldn't have chosen anorexia as a lifestyle. Why did I sacrifice health for a shapely body frame?
What Is Anorexia Nervosa
What is anorexia nervosa? The answer lies deeply within the negative attitude to eating foods. What comes first for you? Shape, beauty or health? Anorexia is body neglect and abuse by not eating food
Anorexia Tips
Some seek anorexia tips to apply to really thin out. Some to know what this anorexia is all about. Some are looking for help to get free from anorexia . Whichever, your answers lie within this page...
Reverse Anorexia
The quest to attain the perfect body in men results in reverse anorexia. They want to bulk up at all costs. It becomes an obsession in many as they daily see themselves as too small though bulky...
Dangers Of Anorexia
Here are the top dangers of anorexia you are likely to face if you've chosen anorexia as your lifestyle. Top on the list of dangers is anorexia death but it could be avoided...
Light-Headedness In Anorexics
Light-headedness is one of the first effects of an anorexic lifestyle.Often disregarded, this can cause brain damage...
Binge Eating Disorder Corner
Binge eating disorder page discusses clearly what binge eating really is. I have used simple and easy to understand terms. Get properly informed on binge here...
What Is Binge Drinking?
When the what is binge drinking is made plain, people learn and arm themselves enough to fight this society ravager that causes alcohol related accidents, mental retardation and many more...
College Binge Drinking
College binge drinking is a disservice to families and society. Optimum Mental Capacity development demands zero-tolerance for brain-activity inhibitors. Focus on the real reason for college...
Teenage Binge Drinking
The challenges associated with teenage binge drinking are plenty. The heart-cry of a teen here reveals that beyond the temporary good feelings are real undeniable problems...
Reasons For Binge Drinking
Many have their different reasons for binge drinking. They create a make-belief world that doesn't exist in the real world they are. Explore these reasons here...
Binge Drinking Effects
Binge drinking effects are many. Some are dangerous while some are even life-threatening. Alcohol intoxication leads to liver and heart dieases, and even alcohol related deaths...
Disturbing Night Eating Disorder
Night eating disorder starts as an innocent practice until it becomes a disturbance. But it could be stopped as shown by a former victim
Bulimia Tips
The increased search for bulimia tips is an indication that many are walking blindfolded towards a deep and wide well of water covered with a piece of cloth. Here's an eye-opening truth...
What Is Bulimia
Learn what is bulimia here. Many live with it without knowing what it is and its dangers...
Bulimia Symptoms
This page exposes the awful bulimia symptoms as experienced by bulimics. Freedom from a problem starts with understanding the problem...
Bulimia Addiction
Every addiction starts with your feeling in super control. Bulimia addiction is no different. Then, it roots in and takes complete charge of your mind and body, and life. Learn to take complete charge
Teenage Bulimia
Dreading issues and discussions on teenage bulimia or wishing them away, wouldn't handle the challenges. Learn what to look out for here...
Signs Of Bulimia
It is difficult to identify and help a bulimic if you don't first arm yourself with signs of bulimia...
Stop Bulimia Tips
You started the practice of bulimia with a mind programming. You can stop bulimia with a reprogramming for a better and healthy life using these tips...
Help For Bulimia
Bulimia starts from within and so, help for bulimia must start from within. Sustained victory starts simply from ending a day without bulimia before starting the day....
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