How Risky Could Eating Disorders and Dieting Be?

How They Go


Eating disorders and

dieting many times go


One sparks off the


What is the fastest

answer to overweight?


What starts innocently

as dieting to shed a

little off the waistline

progresses into real eating disorders problems.


Yes, because, a little positive result from a dieting program often

makes one try some more, for more results.

But dieting doesn't give a permanent answer to overweight and

obese issues.

You skip meals or certain foods for some time in order to achieve

a weight loss.

Then you go right back to the same foods or even more.

Eating disorders come

as a result of driving

this exercise to either

extreme: over eating

which may result

in Binge! or Bulimia!

Remember what binge

is? Guess you know

already: It is continuous

eating and almost


And bulimia? This is overeating and seeking ways of getting rid of the food

by  self-induced vomiting or purge.

 They are both dangerous as you could read in my pages

on Binge! and Bulimia!.

The other extreme is

'under-eating'. This may

worsen to anorexia.

And what's that? It is living

with very little or absolutely

NO desire for foods.

This is a huge health risk.

Please check my pages on

Anorexia for more.

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