Girls With Anorexia

Mom's Style

Anorexic moms often

raise girls with anorexia.

Main challenge here is

that the girls push it

harder than their moms.

And they start pretty


Moms love to keep


They want to get slim, thin and small.

And they want it NOW.

Cheapest way is to axe their eating, engage in demanding work outs,

and become anorexic.

The Media Trumpet

Girls watch and learn what it takes to keep thin and trendy.

They learn the acceptable beauty standards.

The media pump the information into them daily.

If you want to be admired, accepted, then you must be

thin and thin and thin!

Fat is an indication that you are unpolished, they seem to say.

So, millions of girls with anorexia see absolutely nothing wrong with

the adventure.

They search for more info on how to become anorexic.

Unfortunately, this is gradual attempt at suicide.

What Girls Need

Growing girls need all the nourishment they could get from foods

for maximum

development of their

body systems.

If the body is starved of

food, how does it keep

up and function


That is the issue with

girl anorexics.

Challenges Of Girl


Their immunity is lowered.

Growth process is impaired.

Their irritability drives friends away.

They have this thing of crying way too soon

at the slightest provocation.

They'll rather cry than eat.

They prefer to eat alone.

But this eating alone is actually

to eat a bit, if at all, and trash the rest.


Their weight loss is dangerously drastic.

Being too thin is their aim.

So if you observe to them that they are TOO thin,

they take it as a compliment,

and somehow even think you are flattering them.

They don’t ever seem to make the mark.

So, they put themselves on overdrive to eat little

or nothing, and exercise much.

Mirror, mirror, still shows them that they are grossly overweight!


What a damaged and distorted self image!!!


What do girls with anorexia do to keep themselves anorexic?

-They hate to eat and so eat little or nothing.

-They weigh the food they eat, check the calorie contents.

-They prefer to eat in secret. Truth is, they trash most

or all the food.

-They lie about their eating

-They set eating commandments that they must obey

-Their imagination is filled with how very fat they are,

in spite of being way too thin.

-They love to serve others foods while

they keep away from eating

-They discuss food matters regularly,

which foods fatten you, et cetra.

Early Signs

Early signs to look out for in girls with anorexia

are many:

-They are underweight, really too thin

-They love to discuss weight issues

-They feel cold too soon and often wear extra clothing to keep warm

-They have irregular menstrual period, if at all.

-They forget relevant info too soon, kind of gradual loss of memory

-They do excessive workouts

-They hate to eat and often prefer to eat alone

-They hide foods in odd places for later disposal

-They are irritable and quarrel too soon

-They have restless legs and insomnia

Early Arrest Helps

The earlier this tendency in girls got arrested, the better.

Some have suffered immensely from anorexia because it wasn’t detected early.

Some are young adults today with underdeveloped body systems because

of their romance with anorexia earlier in life.


This is the right time to beat anorexia in spite of the symptoms

you are seeing.

You can fully recover and live free.

I was a victim of eating disorders and in many pages on this site I shared

my experiences and what I did to recover from them all and enjoy freedom.

Read the pages and use what you learn.

It is mere information unless you take action in the right direction.

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