Common Symptoms Of Bulimia Eating Disorder

Symptoms Of Bulimia Eating Disorder

- Behavioral

  • Alarming love to eat
  • A victim prefers to eat

    plenty at a time any


    • Loathes self after

      eating too much

    • Bathroom visits after


    • The use of diet pills,

      laxatives or diuretics

    • Rigid exercise regimen

    • Fear of being fat,

      regardless of weight

    • Bingeing and sometimes starving to 'take care of the binge'

    • Constant talk about food or weight

    • Vomiting and purging


    • Depression, guilt, self-hate and sadness

    • Seek approval from others.

    • Often wishes to hear about his or her weight and specially wishes to

      hear he or she has lost weight.

      Even if it isn't true!

    • Feeling out of control

     This is one area a bulimic feels terrible about.

     Like everything is out of control for them.

     They watch others and feel every other person has

     their appetite in check.


  • A Bulimic may be

    underweight, overweight, or

    normal weight.
  •  The underweight ones are in

    danger because they are

    harder to notice.

     You are more likely to watch

    what an obese person eats,

    or how they eat.

     And perhaps offer some help.

     You hardly take note of these in an underweight bulimia victim.

    • Puffiness in the cheeks

    • Frequent weight fluctuations

    • Electrolyte imbalance which can lead to irregular heartbeat,

      and sometimes, cardiac arrest.

      • Sore throat

      • Fatigue, headaches and  muscle ache

      • Tooth decay

      This may be because of constant eating.

      Especially as what is eaten is often in the junk class

      and is over-sugared.

      Also, stomach acid affects the teeth during the vomit process

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