College Binge Drinking

What Is Binge Drinking?

College Binge drinking is pouring one bottle of alcohol after another into the body system. This is done on a regular basis. It's actually drinking alcohol and nursing the feeling of never ever having enough drinks. You just keep at it at every opportunity, planned and unplanned, secretly and openly. You dodge responsibility to attend to this pull.

College binge drinking starts with being in the right place but running with very limiting ideas. There is a primary purpose for seeking admission into a college. And that is, high-level mental capacity development for relevance to the larger society. The next is character development. There are other offshoots of these two.

One huge factor to reckon with in college is that your stay in there is time-framed.  Depending on what program you run, if on a full-time basis, it takes four to six years for first degree. Meeting up with the requirements for graduation demands Hard Work.

Hobby=Drinking Alcohol?

If you ask your friends what they filled as hobby in their forms for college registrations, they'll  tell you, "it's, Reading and a few others." Nobody ever filled Getting Drunk as hobby. Or, do you know any student who filled that and was admitted into a college? Binge drinking is hardly anybody's pride. How do I know? You most often deny binge drinking  when confronted.

Peer influence and pressure lead many to this vice. Some students even go as far as sponsoring their fellows and especially new entrants in binge drinking.

Brain Damage

Drunkenness causes brain distortion and even brain damage. When in a drunken state, your mental capacity prowess gets suspended. Both reasoning and speech become inconsistent and incoherent. Behavior becomes antisocial and abusive.


Is there any hope for college students who binge drink? As far as optimum mental capacity development and character build up are concerned, there must be zero-tolerance for college binge drinking. You cannot choose to live in a state of mental stupor and at the same time desire first-class brain development. They are incongruent. It's like making a bonfire outside and praying for rain or inviting fire men to put off every visible fire around your house. The effects of binge drinking are many and such that you must seek how to stop binge drinking NOW instead of going on with this self destruction.

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