Male Anorexia


Male anorexia is not as common as that found in females.

But male involvement with anorexia is on the increase.

It is hard to imagine that men are interested in thinning out too!

It happens to be the reality we face and must address.

You would ordinarily

think that reverse

is what men

get into.

Nope. Some guys

actually want to thin


They are not

necessarily looking for

figure 1 or size 0.

But, they don’t want to be fat, with protruding tummy.


Some also think that by practicing an anorexic lifestyle alone that

their muscles would be built up.

Well, it is becoming clear that anorexia does nobody no good.


Except for some gender specifics, the effects of anorexia are the same

both for male anorexia and female anorexia.

For example, an anorexic guy experiences low sperm count

and little or no libido.

Anorexia, When Hubby Wanted Flat Tummy

My hubby didn’t want a large tummy.

So he joined me to practice anorexia.

What jolted him back to normalcy was the crisis I went through.

At the time he too was experiencing most of the effects of anorexia

but in a milder form. Yes, because he had just started.


He skipped meals and would only eat at a particular time

of the day. If for any reason he didn’t eat at that exact time,

too bad. His tummy had to wait till the next day, same time.

And the meals were measured.

It was okay for me, because we were flowing naturally in the same direction.


He equally engaged in daily excessive exercise routine.

From aerobics to anaerobic exercises.

His ears were open to what new work-out he could add

to his already excessive regimen.

Who was going to stop him?

Certainly not me!

I was neck-deep involved in my own heavy exercise regimen.


We discussed foods and their calorie contents often.

Yes, the discussion was on how much weight you'd gain by

eating a particular food type.

Not what nourishment it offers.

We discussed body shapes and weights.

Boy!!! What a way to live!

Isn't this self-imprisonment?


The risks associated with anorexia are too many and too high

for any guy or even female to consider it as a lifestyle option.

You are welcome to the site

of a former heavy victim of

anorexia, whose hubby had

male anorexia.

Please go through the pages.

They are written to help.

It is a part gratitude

contribution for being alive

today, after bouts

with different eating disorders, and especially

after surviving a suicidal anorexia crisis.

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