Eating Disorders In Teens And What You Can Do...

Teen Binge

Eating disorders in teens don’t only have dangerous effects now but also leave a regrettable mark in the future. Sometimes, because of friends, teens go into overeating. This could happen once in a while. Later, it develops into a habit. A habit of overeating and then of eating much more often. This could go out of control. This type of eating disorder is called BINGE. And one of the effects is teen depression. If this happens, there's a likelihood that you'll suffer a breakdown in health and have teen sleep issues. And you don’t need that now, do you?

What You Really Need

While you need food as a growing teen, excess food is not helpful to your health and body.Eating disorders in teens are real. Consider that your body and health systems could go into overdrive, attempting to digest the different kinds of foods you eat. If this happens, there's a likelihood that you'll suffer a breakdown in health and have teen sleep issues. And you don’t need that, do you?

You answered, "No?" Okay. It means you gat to do something about it. And when is the better time than now?

"What do I do?"

Simple. Break the habit. You formed it. And you can break it. Tell yourself what I told myself when I suffered binge as a teen… Excess weight makes me lousy, lazy and puffy. Why meddle with it? Why invite it by excessive eating?... Find more help in the Eating disorder recovery tips page.

Teen Anorexia

Anorexia is another eating disorder that troubles teens. Teens suffering from this eat very little if at all. Maybe, this is the one that's your huge challenge. There are many risks or dangers associated with this. Consider the fact that it negatively affects your growth and development. Do you want that at this time of life? Is it about someone just trying to make you eat more? Nope. It's about helping you grow, develop well and live a life that is worthy of you. A life that could truly make you feel good and proud of yourself. Because anorexia nearly wrecked my life, I know it's not worth meddling with.

Your best answer is, Eat Well. Eat Enough.

You need to be alive to enjoy a shapely body. Remember, YOU are the 1st person that must enjoy you and your shapely body. But if you are too weak and frail to see the body, of what use is it then? Don’t let any friend or enemy trick or tease you into starving yourself to look better. The fresher you are as a teen the more beautiful or handsome you look. That's the truth! And this freshness is brought about by how well you eat. And what healthy foods you eat.

Who Wants To Kick Junk Out?

Is it possible? O yes. You can. Skip your next ice cream. Go first for fresh organic fruits early in the morning. Practice this for just 10 days, and let me know how your body feels.

Teenage Bulimia is another eating disorder that could be a challenge as a teen. Especially if through binging you now have teen obesity. Eating and eating, enjoying all you could, and then, throw it all up. I faced this as a teen. A friend and classmate gave me laxatives for purging. It was a risky adventure. I never considered the Bulimia side-effects that I had signed in for, nor the Long term effects of bulimia that were bound to affect my future.

Bulimia is an unnecessary evil. Why eat and throw the food up? What a wasteful way to live!!!

Hi teen, you can live without all these eating disorders in teens which kill the dreams of many youngsters. Yes, you can.

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