Dangers In Bulimia

There are many Dangers In Bulimia if bulimia is your chosesn lifestyle

If you are a bulimic you may imagine that your case would be different, but truth be told here, the dangers in bulimia are the same. The severity may just vary depending on the duration of the practice.

Because of undernourishment, a bulimic is clearly exposed to these dangers:

  • Brittle nails
  • Brittle teeth
  • Brittle hair
  • Extreme weakness and sometimes even fainting
  • Poor vision
  • Use of pills to force purging could endanger both the kidneys and liver of victims
  • Overeating could burst the intestines
  • Stomach acid enters the mouth through regular vomiting. This wears off teeth enamel, attacks teeth, creating cavities in them, weakens the esophagus lining, and even tears it.
  • Ulcer is one of the dangers in bulimia. When you eat, enzymes are released to digest the foods. Constant overeating, binging, overeating, and vomiting or purging throw these enzymes and the entire digestive system into a confused state. These enzymes act on the intestinal walls creating wounds on them. Also the constant pulls by vomiting or purging affect the intestines too.
  • A bulimic suffers stomach and intestinal upsets.
  • Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance cause malfunctioning of the heart and kidneys. There are cases of heart failure and renal failure as a result of these. Vomiting and purging reduce potassium level to a critical point that could slow down the heart rhythm.

 Bulimia Is Suicidal: Death From Bulimia

  • Bulimia causes feelings of depression, guilt, and shame. These could make you engage in thoughts of suicide which could result in death from bulimia. There's within you a dissatisfaction about your self-image. You kind of always wish you were thinner. But you would eat and binge, and still go crazy over being thin.  
  • The excessive and crazily compulsive exercise a bulimic engages in is almost always anaerobic. This endangers your entire system and make you suffer one breakdown after another. You attach more importance to your thin looks than to how healthy you are, what great values you carry, and what difference you could make for others. 

Bulimia is a game of selfishness.

How could a human live so wastefully? ...Spend money to buy foods, eat them, throw them up without letting them give nourishment, or buy laxative pills to purge and get rid of the foods.  

Life is not all about shapes.

It is not all about outward looks and inner emptiness. It is not all about looking okay on the outside but actually a walking corpse about to exit. This is what bulimia offers.   Learn to live better. Learn to live differently.

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