Warning Signs Of Anorexia

Warning Signs Of Anorexia

The warning signs of anorexia are recognizable.

Sometimes they are hidden.

But there are very obvious ones.

If you recall, anorexia is an unusual aversion or

distaste for foods.

Reason for this hatred for eating foods is borne out of an

unreasonable desire to be very thin.

This desire could be in order to please a friend, or partner,

or look like, or out rightly be a thin model.

It could also start from a sincere and innocent desire

to just lose some fat.

Initial excitement from compliments by people you respect could give a push for more.

Then, more still. This continues until… anorexia sets in.

You loose control at this time, in that you wouldn’t even feel hungry.

To top it all up?.....  You are even happy about this development.


Warning signs of anorexia are many.

• Hatred for eating foods

• Avoiding to eat with family and friends

• Excessively admiring thin as beautiful

• When eating at all, eating very little and feeling just okay.

• Restlessness

• Irritability

• Emaciation

• Constant checks and reference to calorie contents of food items

• Excessive work outs

• Almost always feeling cold

• Wearing extra clothing as a result of the colds

• Going for undersized clothes and aiming to fit into them in no time

• Nagging headaches

• Dizziness

• Dry skin

• Hair thinning and loss

• Loss of menstrual period or irregular periods

• Blurred vision

• Sunken eyes

• Weakness

• Very strict rules about what exact time to eat beyond which no food goes in

• Excessive use of weighing scales and measuring tapes

• Nausea

• Trembling body and sluggishness

• Seeing self as too fat when rather too thin

If you see some or all of these in you, then, it is time to run for your life.

They start one step after the other until a crisis point is reached.

Anorexia doesn’t start overnight.

People walk into it deliberately, sometimes not even knowing its name.

Yes, deliberately, because of the initial feeling of being in charge

and able to control their appetite, weight and size.


Anorexia eating disorder is a slow killer and must not be played with.

Because I was a victim, that's why I put up this site to help others.

Go through the pages, please. They are loaded with tips and secrets that

will help you handle whatever eating disorder you are battling.

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