What Is Binge Drinking?

What Is Binge Drinking?

This discussion on what is binge drinking explains

what  it really is: heavy alcohol drinking, many rounds of alcohol drinking,

over a short period of time, and getting drunk in the process.

This is a general view.

But some countries have their specifics on this.

For example, in the United States, binge drinking for men is the intake of

five or more drinks in a row. For women, it is the consumption of four

or more alcoholic drinks in a row.

And this has to be done at least once in the past two weeks.

To be described as a heavy binge drinker in the US means that this

drinking rate episodes are done three or more times in two weeks.


Binge drinkers most of the time do the drinking in the company of

friends or colleagues.

It could be at a party, a drinking spree outing…

But often, it is a group thing.

Sure, when the habit is developed and entrenched, you

do it whether alone or with company.


Some actually compete at binge drinking alcohol…

How many bottles/cans could you gulp down at a sitting

before passing out?

Some consume as much as a carton of 12 bottles (of 60cl each),

within a few hours, and pass out afterwards.


It is an addictive disorder with very fast consequences.


I observe more accidents at the weekends, particularly by Saturday

mornings, than at any other day in the week.

And if the vehicles are still at the scene,

you are shocked at the recklessness of the driver/s.

Drunk driving and causing alcohol accidents on the roads.

There are of course many other alcohol related accidents at home

and in public.

This addictive disorder starts one sip at a time.

Alcohol Advertising also makes it seem that drinking is

a show of maturity and touch of class.

It's absurd!

What's classy about some drink that gives you

alcohol dementia? How? It gets into your head,

gives you headaches, disturbs and distorts your thinking processes,

makes your action and behavior irrational, makes people take you

less seriously, and worse, damages your reputation, your liver and brain?

Long Term Effects Of Alcohol 

Did I mention Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

This fetal alcohol syndrome shows up as mental and

physical defects that occur in a fetus because of high

alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Alcohol has the ability to

cross through the placenta to the fetus.

The effect is stunted growth and weight of the fetus.

Worst of the effects on the fetus is brain damage

which results in psychological and behavioral problems.

Breastfeeding and alcohol are not healthy partners either.

This is because alcohol streams into your breast milk and stays

there for about 2hours depending on a number of

factors like your weight, what and how much you ate, how fast

you drink and the alcohol strength and quantity.

There are problems of infertility which binge drinking

alcohol imposes on couples who wish

to have children.

What about the low productivity and negligence of duty?

I have not seen what good binge drinking alcohol offers.


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