Anorexia Tips

Anorexia Tips Are Excellent for those who wish to shed weight.

They are equally great for those who don't know much about anorexia. A correct understanding of anorexia is needed before you embrace an anorectic lifestyle. If you know what it's all about, then you'll judge if it is good for you or not. Anorexia is a deliberate hatred for eating food. It is a deliberate aversion for foods. Reason for the hatred? Many times, it is in order to lose weight very fast. Lose the unwanted weight RIGHT NOW! At other times, it is in order to look as thin as another person. To fit into a particular dress size or to attend a particular function, some people look for anorexia tips and begin the practice.

Anorexia is an eating disorder. However you look at it, it is a disorder. It is called that because an anorectic is too thin but feels too fat. Others say you are too thin, but you see a different thing in the mirror: 'Too Fat.' There are many pro anorexia tips which pro ana sites trumpet.

What are some of these anorexia tips?

• Skip meals

• Do excessive workouts, that’s, you run an extreme exercise program. Live in exercise addiction.

• Refuse to eat with friends and family

• Check calorie content of each food item

• Don't eat beyond a certain time of the early evening. For example, when I was hit by anorexia eating disorder, I wouldn't eat beyond 5pm.

• Eat one meal or none daily

• Keep weighing scales handy, both to weigh self and to weigh foods

• Get picky at foods

• Observe strict anti-food and anti-eating rules

• Exchange anorexia tips with other anorexics

• Feel quite powerful and in control of appetite

Care more about weight and shape than about health

• Enjoy hunger pangs and congratulate self on that

• See fat as disgusting and put names like, 'silly fat cow!' on self for attempting to eat normal

• Eat ice and sugar-free gums to quench hunger

• There's also anorexia diet: specific type of fruits and vegetables: apples and celery to eat, eat rice cakes for snacks...

• And many more such stuff...

You may wish to read the truth from one who once lived as one of my city's celebrated anorexics: Anorexia is deadly. It is a slow suicide mission. It is physically, psychologically and socially Damaging.

The above statements are true and could never be overemphasized. It is too risky to be trifled with. It is better never to go into it. But if you are already in, then There's Help For You! You must be willing to come out of it. I experienced a crisis that you would never wish you had. It got to a point of practically battling to be alive. I hung between life and death I was too thin, frail, ugly, full of aches, irritable and worst of all, sleepless. Talk of under-productivity at just about anything! That was me! Because of constant headaches, I had impaired thinking processes. At the crisis point, I couldn’t eat foods at all, much as I desired to. Any little I forced in was thrown out in a very short while. I had high degree nausea and couldn’t keep foods inside me.

Shed Excess Weight But Remain Healthy

You could shed your excess weight but you don’t have to use anorexia tips style. This site is built to help you live healthy. There are tips to help you along the way. Go through the pages to find more help. It's great to have you around. Please, ensure you have a healthy body.

Choose a healthy body above a shapely body.

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