Effects Of Anorexia Nervosa


Effects Of Anorexia Nervosa

Whereas the effects of anorexia

nervosa are many and

in varying degrees,

one must understand

that they can

devastate with a

whirlwind speed,

depending on the

victim. For example,

I was practicing

anorexia on and off.

One Month Hard Play With Anorexia

It was my lifestyle for years.

But one early December, I set my face to go all out for it.

It was exciting initially.

…I was in charge.

…I ate if and when I wanted and the amount I wanted.

Before the end of January (the very following month!!!),

I had a terrible crisis. It came pretty fast.


It was so bad, you wouldn’t wish even your enemy to go through it.

God saved me. I practically crawled back and begged for life.

Looking back, I am shocked at my decision to 'deal' with my

God-given body.

I used to be fat. Yes… But at that time I wasn’t fat by any stretch.

Terrible Effects

-I was bone skinny.

-I was often dizzy and

had almost constant


-I had blurred vision.

-My menstrual period

was very irregular.

-My hair thinned out

too and was cutting.

Each visit to

the salon meant a great, and alarming hair loss.

My hairdressers tried different treatments to no avail.

And tell you what? Whether they worked or not, I paid for the treatments.


-There were issues with my heart too. I was too scared to discuss it

with my husband or even a doctor.

The palpitations, the general pains, and the dangerous most scary sharp

pains in and around my heart were almost always there.

Sadly, I DIDN’T LINK these heart issues to my anorexic lifestyle.


-I had regular bouts with cold and catarrh because I was too thin and

my immune system was low.

-I was weak and irritable.

-I had sleeping disorder too. I couldn’t sleep well.

This affected my productivity badly.

-My nails were brittle.

I didn’t know that was an indication of the set in of osteoporosis.

A while after, the effect still showed up:

I had slipped disc for lifting a normal pot in my kitchen.

No More Appetite

-I had little and most of the time, no appetite for foods.

-Nausea was also there, but mostly when the crisis set in.

I could hardly retain anything I ate.

Even Fertility Issues

-Some anorexics experience difficulties with getting pregnant.

-Among male anorexics there's the low sperm count experience.

-Some people faint regularly and get resuscitated back to life.

-Finally, some people die. Thank God, I didn’t .

Please, Don’t.

You Are Important

You don’t need to experience all these effects and more  

before you wake up to the reality that You Are More Important

than your goal of thinning completely out.

You are truly of more value.

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