Help For Bulimia

Help For Bulimia

As well as other issues

of life, help for bulimia

is possible and

available. It doesn't

matter how far you

have gone and for

how many years

you have been in it,

you can

Recover From


The first battle generally, is having to eat Normal.

That is, eating three regular meals only, may be with

a few snacks twice daily.

Whereas as an expert bulimic you ate up to ten times

or even more daily.

Don't Cut Down, Please!

How could I say to cut down?

Please, relax your mind.


I never said that.

I mean you need to Adopt a new mindset.

Whatever therapy and wherever, must teach you

this before any other.

How important is this

mindset improvement or

change? It is what

makes for your freedom

from bulimia

permanent. It is what

makes you end your day

on the note you want

it, BEFORE you

even start the day.

It is what makes you arrive at the end of your

romance with bulimia before you even start on your

journey to freedom.

Take these simple steps:

  •    Plan your day both as it concerns food and food types.

  •    Do this before you even bathe

  •    Write down your WHY for eating food at all

  •    Do share this WHY with a family member or

   friend who lives a healthy life, and who is supportive.

   Consider sharing this WHY with your children if you have any

   or with them when you have them.      

Plan Your Meals

Now, what's your breakfast plan?

What's your lunch plan?

And dinner?

What kind of snacks will empower you in between the meals?


You must with all your being want to stop bulimia

before you achieve total freedom from it ...  

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