Anorexia Women

Anorexia women are powerful progenitors.

They raise anorexia kids, especially anorexia girls.

And as expected, there's often a fraternity among women who have chosen anorexia as a lifestyle. Anorexia is found mostly among women. The next huge group is teens and adolescent girls. Fewer men and boys get involved with anorexia. Women are generally emotional.

An emotional upset often results in the next best thing: cut off food.

So if she decides to get trendy, shed some weight, and wear size zero, cutting off food is a cheap, well practiced art.

Little Girls With Anorexia

As you already know, whatever you do as a parent, especially if it is wrong, your kids are likely to do the same. Only that in theirs, they do worse than you'd ever imagine. Why? They produce harvests of whatever you sowed in them. Girls with eating disorders are many but more of them are anorexics than bulimics or bingers.

Hubby And Kids Suffer

Homes run by anorexic women or anorectic mums are seriously endangered homes. Both spouse and kids are affected by the lifestyle. Imagine my hubby joining me in my anorexic adventure. He meant to lend his practical support to his wife. This greatly lowered his productivity at work. We discussed food and weight loss most of the time. When I had the most dreaded crisis, he had his at the same time. Only that his was milder. Our kids were off to boarding schools at the time. This was both advantageous and disadvantageous. They were not home to watch it all happen. But they were in school practicing theirs, unknown to me. But if they were home, they'd have seen first hand, how this dealt me a bad blow.

Anorexia Sex

Among women, anorexia causes sexual anorexia too. That's to say, anorexia women have drastically reduced libido. This is not strange as anorexia affects practically everything about the woman. Fertility is also badly affected.

Anorexia and Breastfeeding In Public

Thinning to mere bones also shrivels up nursing breasts. This badly affects choice for a necessary breastfeeding in public. The frustration a baby goes through while trying to suck out milk from a practically dry breast makes baby yell. Mum feels embarrassed. Among these women, the issue of breastfeeding toddler or their babies is usually a challenging one...Why? Breast milk does not flow well. Irritability keeps mom from embracing her responsibility joyfully. Fortunately for me, I understood breastfeeding benefits early.So I ate well while a breastfeeding mom. And two of the benefits of breastfeeding which should interest anorexia women are, Breastfeeding aids weight loss and womb contraction. If you breastfeed well and long enough, the issue of tummy-tuck surgery would never arise for you. Because, the womb reverts back to its original size before conception. That's why I am a trumpeter of toddler breastfeeding. I embraced the idea of breastfeeding toddlers so much that I breastfed one of mine for 2 years and 2 days.

Breastfeeding Your Man

Anorexia women find the "wifely" act of breastfeeding your man difficult. Nipples are often sore. So the Biblical injunction in Proverbs 5:19, ...let her breasts satisfy thee at all times..., doesn't get fulfilled. Who suffers? The husband, the baby or toddler who need the breastfeeding. Consequently, their relationships suffer.

Considering the many disadvantages, is this suicidal

lifestyle worth choosing?

Certainly, anorexia women have a lot more to offer the society than this devastating lifestyle... I chose a different lifestyle after my crisis. That's to keep healthy and shapely using these Tips.

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