Anorexia In Boys Too

Anorexia in boys is really not different from anorexia in girls. The starvation and hating to eat processes are the same. Girls adopt an anorexic lifestyle for the primary purpose of thinning out. Some boys have the same thinning out motivation to starve and live anorexic. This is a form of male anorexia.

Thinning Out through Extreme Exercise!

Girls thin out to look more beautiful and trendy. Whether the outcome has any relationship with beauty is another discussion altogether. Anorexia is more common among girls and women than in boys and men.

Some boys on the other hand get anorexic because they want to build up more energy for sports. They drive themselves beyond what they can cope with. They go into extreme exercise regimen, and eat little. Gradually, eating time is used for sports.

Again, anorexia in boys could be because you are overweight and need to 'firm' up your muscles.

If you are a sports boy for example, have you watched yourself drive for better results, and more energy? Eating at this time becomes less attractive.

Initially, you reassure everyone that you are okay and just want to make a mark. Soon, as you continue to shed weight and eat still much less, exercising more vigorously than ever,you could watch yourself withdrawing from friends and family. You become your own company.

More Price To Pay

You become irritable. Your skin dries up. School work suffers if in school. If you know the signs of anorexia, you are likely going to see almost all. Your heart suffers and complains. Dangerously, you may suffer a heart attack. A health breakdown at this point is inevitable.

Watch it when you just keep at workouts and sports. Not that you shouldn’t get committed to achieving greatness in sports, but at what expense? The truth is, if you don't keep at eating sufficiently, the resulting regular break downs would make you your coach's second or third choice. And that's not what you really want, or is it? Low performance is inevitable if you are living anorexic. This is likely to result in your not making your team list. What could be as disheartening? After all the practice, after all the training and workouts, to be dropped as not qualified, really not strong enough, to play with the team?

As a young sports person, eating well was just it for me. I ate to match the mental and physical energy demands in sports. Delving into anorexia at that point would have been quick suicide. I was healthy and became a national gold medalist as a teen.

So, it's possible to be a marvel in sports, academics

and any other, and still eat well, and live healthy.

Male Eating Disorders as this anorexia in boys can really be as devastating as what females experience. Effects of starvation is not gender-selective.

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