Effects Of Eating Disorders Today

Effects Of Eating Disorders


Eating disorders have

become rather


Their effects are huge.

The effects discussed

here are a pointer to

a generational problem

that must be

immediately addressed.

Effects differ from person to person and from eating disorder

to eating disorder.

For instance, whereas you discuss underweight issues for victims of

anorexia, overweight issues are for bulimia and binge victims.


Effects On Self

Exposure to health

problems like headaches

due to excessive eating

or excessive under-eating.


-Brain fog. This results

from lack of glucose in

the brain as a result of


or over-eating the wrong foods







-Skin Dryness

-Digestive problems

Effects On Family and Friends

-Distancing self from family and friends

-Suspicion of every one that attempts to help.

-Making an enemy out of a loved one who tries to ask questions

-Waste of their foods and resources due to vomiting or

hiding to discard foods,

or outright refusal to eat already fixed and dished food

-Creating worry for them


The costs of these effects are far reaching. They certainly

could be avoided simply by resolving to come out of your

specific eating disorder.

Get education on what to do to live a healthy, happy life, eating right!


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