Reverse Anorexia

Reverse Anorexia Is Increasing

Reverse anorexia is on

the increase among

men, even very young


My 17year old son came

home on holiday from

school last year and

began to tell me how he

had to get his six-pack

abs on, and get bulkier.

He needed to build up his muscles.

I wondered at him and what he was going to do with the muscles.

Trust him to explain to mom.

Girls Admire Muscles

"Girls like guys who are muscled up, who are big," he said.

He had plans to go to the gym to achieve his purpose.

In school, he was engaged in doing all these.

So, time to read and do other more important stuff was used

getting the six-pack abs and building biceps.

It's Obsessive

I endured his talks on this for days. How was I going to knock off my son's

growing obsession for a bulkier body?

He had a number of health breakdowns back in school.

Of course, I discerned it was due to excessive workouts.

It was his very first semester in the university.

So all the info, the good, the bad and the ugly hit him from different corners.

He swallowed it all up.

Perfect Body Only

On Magazines

The magazines don’t

help matters either.

The perfect guy has it

all showing and if you

want to be successful,

and admired by ladies,

then you must have this

perfect body.

Many women want to get smaller. They progress to anorexia.

Hundreds of thousands of men want to get bigger.

This is reverse anorexia and is referred to as Muscular Dysmorphia.


It is a mental disorder.

The victim has a negative self image.

No matter how big they are, they always think they are too small, and

not muscular enough.

The fact is that they look normal, good, bulky and muscular.

But at the mirror, they see a thin, small 'unacceptable' fellow.

Try Self-Acceptance

The way out of this growing mental disorder is self-acceptance.

A healthy body is better than a sick bulky body.

Health must not be sacrificed at the alter of good  and perfect looks.


There are many dangers associated with eating disorders,

this anorexia type included.

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