Teen Eating Advice

A Must For Teens

Every teen should have

a teen eating advice or

guide to follow.

Healthful and proper

eating should not be

left to chance or

to immature teen's


Otherwise, they'll flow

with the tide into teen eating problems.


-Listen to the healthy adults around you,

especially mom and dad.


-Eat healthful natural foods


-Start your day with fruits

Fresh organic fruits like watermelon, apples, oranges, sour

sop, mangoes, pineapples, apricots, bananas, grapes, cashew,

and many more are excellent.

-Eat the fruits only on empty

stomach, and not mixed with

any other thing.

-Eat at least thrice daily.

-Eat  vegetables with your

foods. This helps digestion.

-You could juice up your

fruits or vegetables

using the right juicers.


-Open up and discuss your eating disorders issues with

your family and loved ones


-They may want you to see a doctor and or a nutritionist.

Please agree.


-Finally, go through more pages on this site.

You'll get a lot more to help you along the way.

Teen Eating Advice to Teenage Eating Disorders

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