Bulimia Addiction

Bulimia Addiction And Deception

It is a known fact that bulimics think they are enjoying a lifestyle over which they have absolute control. Bulimia addiction is not apparent or easily noticed till you want to quit the disorder for good. That's when another side of the battle begins.

Body Programming

Remember that your body responds and adapts to the programming you give it. It is an obedient servant, hardly creative or innovative. Just works by rote. So, when you eat and vomit, it gets the message loud and clear. Foods eaten must go out through the mouth soon after eating. It even sends you signals that it is time to 'go do it.' If on the other hand you use enemas or pills to enforce purges, it also even starts twitching in an understandable way, until 'you do it'.

Dangers In Bulimia: -It Claims Body And Soul

Bulimia has claimed the bodies, souls and lives of many. Foods, how to get them, and eat much of them, many times over, occupy your mind obsessively. The other 'mind-lord' is how to get rid of the foods after consumption.Yes, get rid of every bit of it.

-Isolation And Lies

Eating with others is loathsome because you have to come up with excuses for using the bathroom while or soon after eating. You surrender your moral values to constant lies about your romance with bulimia. This creates a gulf between you and your loved ones. Mental and physical isolation starts. Living with feelings of lonesomeness exerts untold pain on bulimics.

More Ravaging Bulimia Side Effects

Depression, shame, guilt, weakness, dangerously reversed body metabolism, rotten teeth, endangered organs (heart, kidneys, liver, and more), make the bulimic live with constant fear. The cycle keeps on and on. For example, depression is said to bring about bulimia and bulimia breeds depression. You throw up or purge because you binged. And you go ahead to binge because your stomach is empty… It goes on and on. To break this cycle is when the depth of bulimia addiction becomes clear.

Change Is Possible But Not Easy

Bulimia is not a lifestyle you could just change at will. It is a disease, an eating disorder. It is a mental disorder. It is an addictive disorder. You want to come out but don’t seem able to. You want to hold the food back but bulimia says, "No! Use the bathroom!" You want to keep off overeating and binging and you become listless.

Bulimia is Compulsive

Everything about bulimia is compulsive. Compulsive eating and binging, compulsive purging or vomiting, compulsive drug or substance abuse, compulsive rigorous exercises, compulsive passion for thinning out, compulsive lies and more. You started with being in control but now you are under its controlling powers. Under its powerful clutches. It behaves like a dragon, never wants to let go.

Death From Bulimia

For some, bulimia addiction goes on till the organs just pack up and stop functioning. The result is either renal or heart failure, and then death. For others, the depression and lonesomeness forces thoughts of suicide. Dwelling on this long enough makes them actually take their life.

Help For Bulimia

Coming out of this is a long journey. But good news is, every journey, even that of a million miles, starts with just one step forward. I came out! Yes, in spite of my fears of gaining too much weight. Today I live free of all the eating disorders I went through. Tell you what, I am not fat. I am not thin.

I am healthy and beautiful and I love myself!

You too can do it!

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