Effects Of Eating Disorder That Receive Little Or No Attention

Effects Of Eating Disorder

Many effects of eating

disorder are not usually

linked to it.

You could know a

person who is a victim

or you are one.

There are health

challenges that are

associated with each

particular eating disorder.


Fatigue for example is an effect seen in binge, bulimia, anorexia

and  compulsive eating victims.


Arthritis is a dangerous effect that builds up over time.

Because the victim doesn’t complain about pains in his or her

joints today, doesn’t mean that the problem isn't there.

But on a general note it is said that arthritis comes with age.

Or that it is hereditary.

One huge question here?......Is it arthritis that is 'inherited'

or the eating style?

Another question…..Is it really age that brings it about?

How is it that 40year olds suffer as well as 75year olds?


No strict rules on this here…..

But I can't help observing that each person that I've met

who has arthritis has, or had one eating disorder or another.

Most of the people I've encountered are victims of binge

or compulsive or over eating disorder.

I often address health

issues from the

paradigm of, if you take

care of your stomach

the first 50 years of

your life, your stomach

will take care of you the

next 50 and the rest of

the way.

Also, that you are a

product of what you eat or ate.

Those Who Die Young

If you observe that a particular set of people die too soon,

and are victims of many debilitating diseases, what explanations do

you give yourself?

Is it that they are unfortunate, ignorant or poor?


I know a people from a particular part of the globe

who fit the above description.

That's, they die too soon. Are victims of

many debilitating diseases.

They have some peculiarities that distinguish them

from the rest around them.

They are generally industrious and rich.

They eat a lot.

They are excited when they over-feed you.

And their food is usually high level starch and assorted meats.


After years of observing these people and

even relating much with them,

I discovered that they, among many other diseases,

experience pains of arthritis way too soon.

Their contemporaries in other areas who don’t have these eating disorders

hardly have arthritis.


But tell you what, the arthritis is often treated in isolation.

That's, without reference to the eating disorders

they engaged in or are in.


What's The Way Out?

Under-nutrition  is known to retard the aging process

and it extends the life span of humans.

Cut down fairly (gradually) on your food and meat intake.

This way,  you will be alive longer to have eaten more!

Don’t eat it all at once and in a short while.

We still NEED you around, please.


This site is put up to help many find their way

out of eating disorders.

Please go through the pages and find the outlined

helpful keys.

Use them and share the site with your friends and family.

It's all free.

Also, please contribute your stories or questions

in our comments box.

It may help many.


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