Eating Disorders And The Media

-An Unholy Relationship

The Media Say It All

Eating disorders and the

media's unholy

relationship is discussed


Little is known of any

issue until the media

pick it up.

When this happens, the

matter could tilt one

way or another.

The facts are spelled out, initially, that is.

Then, they take on another position, sales!

Thin Is Chic!!!

But they have to sell in order to keep being in business.

While they themselves control what and how they sell,

they aint exactly in charge of how we respond.

An instance is SLIM is beautiful, it's success, it's trendy.

More… it's attraction, it's acceptability!

What's the effect of

this on many in the


What's the response?

Fight to get slim.

At the expense of


Eating disorders set in

in order to achieve this.

Bulimia first, then

anorexia for faster results.

A Sick Society

The trumpet is getting blown for a sickly populace.

Eating disorders have been on an alarming increase.

But if the truth is all told, some people (the media)

may fail out of business.

But you want the truth, don't you?

The Truth Is Told

This site presents it just as it is!

You don’t have to be skinny to be trendy.

You don’t have to abuse your body to be attractive.

You are created and born different.

You don’t have to be fat to be acceptable!

Binge And Obesity Okay In My Part Of The Globe!

Do you know that in some parts of the globe, people are

actually trained to binge in order to gain acceptability?

I should know!!! Because it happens in my part of the world!

They say to be obese is okay.

But they don’t link the health risks involved to the obesity.

Talk of high blood pressure, talk of very early arthritis,

talk of heart problems and many more.

And did I mention early death?


Please, go through the entire site. It's loaded with helpful tips.

So, whatever the media hypes on eating disorders, you are armed

with correct information.

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