Binge Drinking Effects

Binge Drinking Effects Are Life-Threatening

There are many serious binge drinking alcohol effects on the body. Some are actually life-threatening. But many are more interested in the fun that they seem to derive out of alcohol binging than the alcohol abuse effects. I hope you ain't part of this group. Drinking several alcoholic drinks in a row within a short span with the intention to get drunk is binge drinking. Often, friends go out in the evenings to do just this. They hang out at some joint, around a table or tables, and drink freely. Facts about alcohol seem easily forgotten once there's this pull. Some drink till pretty late. Then stagger to their cars to drive home. Whether they get home is left to many guesses.

Alcohol Intoxication Dangers

Some of alcohol damage and effects are seen or felt immediately by the drinkers. Some follow after.

• Binge drinking would make you feel sick

• You could vomit uncontrollably

• Body movement is uncoordinated and would make you stagger or move with unsteady steps

• Consequently, you become accident prone. Alcohol accidents may be a bad fall, car accident while driving, or staggering into a moving vehicle. Binge drinking risks are many.

• You may encounter loss of valuable personal items like purses, handsets, cash or credit cards.

• You may expose yourself to assault.

• Do you know that some binge drinkers fall into gutters and sleep there till they sober up?

Alcohol Dementia

Binge drinking alcohol causes headaches. A serious illness of the mind follows. This is alcohol dementia. This makes for constant poor reasoning and poor information analysis. Part of this is experiencing poor recollection of things that happened while binge drinking alcohol. It is one of the most devastating binge drinking effects.

More Facts About Alcohol

• Over consumption of alcoholic drinks leads to:

• Blood poisoning. Here there's excess alcohol in the blood stream.Drinking alcohol and blood pressure rise go go hand in hand. Reason is because one of the alcohol abuse effects is sending toxins into the blood stream. The body can only work so hard to remove a certain quantity per time.

• Heart rate slows down

• Bladder ruptures

• Brain damage and memory loss

• Liver diseases

• Cancer of the mouth, tongue, breast and liver

Alcohol Calories

Because of high calories in alcohol, there is Obesity and weight gain. In guys you notice their tummies protrude as if they are pregnant. Pregnant Guys!!!

Alcohol And Heart Disease

Excess toxins get pumped into the blood stream by excessive alcohol consumption. By this, the heart gets over-labored. Heart attack and stroke become inevitable There are also:

• Fertility problems both for ladies and guys who wish to have babies

• Pregnant women who binge-drink often give birth to deformed babies

• Kidney problems

• Lung, stomach and intestinal challenges

More Alcohol Facts

• Tiredness and weakness

• Poor/low productivity

• Alcohol Depression

• Irritability and unreasonableness

• Inconsistent sleep patterns

• Alcohol Anxiety

• Suicide-prone

• Irresponsibility

• Trust betrayal

• Alcoholism/Addiction--Nothing holds as much importance as alcohol. Alcohol dependence makes you want to do anything, pay any price to drink some more...

• Early alcohol related deaths

Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Teen Alcohol Abuse, creates even more alcohol damage. For example, their brain is still at a developmental stage. Excessive and often alcohol consumption impairs brain development This causes early memory loss later in life. Alcohol dementia results. There are many other healthy ways to have fun. You don’t need to expose yourself, friends, or family to these risks and the heartaches they cause because of some momentary fun. You need to learn how to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may be high but just go ahead. Organic fruits would be of great help. Get creative and live purposefully! You are welcome to this website.

Learn what works here for a better life and use them! You don't have to live with these binge drinking effects...

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