Benefits Of Pineapple And
Water Melon

Health Benefits Of Pineaple

Pineapple is a “healthFULL” fruit. It contains a powerful enzyme called Bromelain.

Bromelain helps a great deal in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This enzyme helps the

digestive system to break down foods and cleanses the blood by removal of toxins from the blood stream.

Importantly, this bromelain contains anti-inflammatory properties that really benefit our internal organs. It speeds up recovery and reduces swelling.

Pineapples contain Manganese which our bodies cannot produce. And we need this manganese daily for bone formation, healing wounds and maintaining a healthy skin. It regulates blood sugar and boosts our immune system to fight off diseases.

Vitamin B1 helps convert carbohydrate to our daily energy. It’s also necessary for the nervous system and muscle functions. Pineapple contains Vitamin B1.

Pineapple helps combat joint pains.

It helps prevent colds and coughs. It helps quick recovery from these. It is packed with Vitamin C.

Keeps gums healthy.

It is also rich in natural fibre.

Health Benefits Of Water Lemon

Water melon is 92% alkaline water and that’s excellent for a healthy stomach.

Water melon cleanses our kidneys and reduces germs in the bladder. It is a good diuretic.

Water melon increases arginine levels (an amino acid) in human body. This arginine is used in nitrous oxide production. Nitrous oxide in turn, helps relax blood vessels. Thus, the wonderful fruit helps prevent stroke and heart attack.

It also helps to regulate blood pressure. How? It contains potassium and magnesium which help in decreasing blood pressure.

Water melon aids good eyesight.

It is a good energy drink.

Prevents Cancer.

Improves the sex drive.

The health benefits of pineapples and water melon are numerous. That is why they are excellent for use for divers health conditions.

For example, when I had anorexia crisis, pineapples and water melon were very helpful. They were the first stuff my system could retain and digest. My anorexia recovery process came faster as I ate these fruits.

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