Types Of Eating Disorders

Types Of Eating Disorders

There are major types.

This implies that there are a few that don't

make the Major list.

-Anorexia Nervosa.

This is a great hatred for eating foods because you

want to not just shed weight gut to thin out to the bones.

Like wanting to be mere bones and skin...

You go into a starvation process and eat little or no food daily.

A point is reached where you so loathe food that you have zero appetite for it.

Unfortunately, no matter how thin or emaciated you appear,

a look at the mirror always shows a FAT YOU...

While others see you as far too THIN, you see yourself as

really too FAT...

Anorexia is fatal.

I mean, it results in death and many

have lost their minds, health, friendships, family and

worst of all, life. due to this lifestyle.

-Binge Eating

Binge eating disorder is almost opposite anorexia.

Here you just keep eating, to put it simply.

There's a deep matchless passion for eating foods.

This causes excess weight gain and obesity.

There's no consideration for workouts.

The consideration is

only for more foods to go in. The consequence isn't a deterrent.

People who practice night eating disorder are often binge eaters.

I remember how I battled with this some years back.

I'd go to sleep and wake in the middle of the night

to go and eat. I saw no problem with it.

It is also called Nocturnal Eating Disorder.

I was one of the girls with eating disorders but I cared

nothing about it. My weight was jumping. My health was

ebbing. The critical danger about this binge is that you

enjoy it while it lasts... Well, until you learn better

and wake up to care about your health and life.

Chief among male eating disorders are binge eating and Binge Drinking.

-Bulimia Nervosa.

This is overeating, feeling guilty for the indulgence,

then forcing a throw up or a purge by use of laxatives or enemas.

A person suffering from bulimia is usually or nearly

overweight,and sometimes completely obese.

But they lack self discipline to keep

their uncommon appetite and desire for more food in check.

The vomiting is enforced by inserting finger into the throat in the toilet

or some secluded place.

-Pica Eating Disorder

This is an uncommon appetite and actual eating of materials as in

plastics, metals and the like.

It is one of the children eating disorders.

Babies often put whatever is within their reach into

their mouths for munching.

Pica is when this habit persists in a child that ought to

have outgrown this, as in, when they are 1about 18-24months.

Pica is persistent ingestion of non-nutritive materials for

a period of up to one month in the age bracket mentioned above.

It is a childhood eating disorder.

Outlined above are the major types of eating disorders.

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