Put An End To College Eating Disorders

College Eating

Contrary to what some think, college eating disorders among students is very common. The pressure to conform is still very high. The pressure to impress new friends with shapely body is not ruled out. Remember? Bullying still goes on in our colleges. Only in a higher more expensive dimension. You are a balanced kid if you weather these pressures insisting on what is right rather than on who is right. You just keep eating right at the right time for the right reasons!

Eating Disorders And College Students

Being off home, most college kids are suddenly entrusted with the responsibility of deciding what, when and where to eat per time. How they handle this daily matters a great deal. I don't know about you, but this happened to me in my first year: I broke down in health for lack of proper eating. O yea, I suffered the early effects of anorexia. Do you see college campus as Freedom-Land to get to eat as much junk as possible, not caring a hoot about the consequences? Temptation to easily binge is also high for some students: Eating almost continuously without feeling satisfied.

Healthy Eating For College Students And Bullying

You probably experienced or witnessed this: Some overweight students have roommates and classmates that bully them. Their reaction is to lose the excess by all means to earn the admiration of their torturers. They start matching straight into Anorexia. The more they receive compliments, the deeper they delve into anorexia. Some quickly learn that they can eat all they wish and throw it up later. This is Bulimia. Others use laxatives to get rid of the foods they consumed. All these pose a health risk that college students cannot afford to toy with.

Nope, not at this high-mental-productivity-demand time of their


The academic challenges we face as students require that we eat right while maintaining the right weight for us as individuals. If you would listen to the voice of sound reasoning you would not go wrong.

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