Symptoms Of Anorexia

Symptoms of anorexia

are what you are likely

to see in a

victim of anorexia.

There are many.

Here's a list of the most

common ones:

-Skipping meals. That

is, victim would avoid

eating at meal times.

They may claim not hungry and end up not eating through the day.

-Picking at foods when eating at all.

-Pale looks

-Skinny body

-Victim often checks and discusses foods and what calories they add.

-They avoid eating with family and friends

-Thin hair and heavy hair loss

-Suppressed hunger pangs

-Constipation, and sometimes diarrhea

-Feelings of nausea

-Victim wants to fit into a clothes size way too small for them

Here are more:

-Dizziness and sometimes,


-Blurred vision

-Headaches (almost



-Tooth decay

-Brittle nails

-Weakness and low




And more:

-Heart pain/palpitations

-Feelings of numbness on different body parts

-Poor blood circulation showing forth in regular pins and needles

-Weak/Brittle bones (osteoporosis)

-Regular attacks of cold

-Victim often wears layers of clothing because of cold

-Importantly, victim sees self as too fat when actually too thin

-A look at the mirror shows victim a FAT reflection of a THIN body

-Victim has low self-esteem

-In their own world, there are Only Two Classes of People:

The Thin and Beautiful, + The Fat And Ugly.

Hope Of Freedom

This website is built to help you or your loved one come out of

Anorexia or other eating disorders. You are welcome to go through

the many pages as they are all loaded with health-enhancing info.

I was once a victim and having gotten free from the clutches of anorexia,

it is my joy to help others come out and enjoy freedom!

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