About Me. Yes, Meet Chin Here!

Hello, I am Chin Chike. You are welcome to read about me here. I went through eating disorders, from binge to bulimia and then to anorexia. Binge eating made me fat. I became really bothered about my weight. Because I enjoyed eating and didn't want to stop, I quickly learned to use laxatives to force a purge after eating. Remember, this is Bulimia. Later, I wanted to help myself lose weight very fast, so I jumped in and swung from eating-at-first-sight to eating little or nothing daily. That was how I got into Anorexia. This gave me the most trouble.

I became desperate for eating disorder treatments. I got tired of almost always being in one form of eating disorder or another. Really, Anorexia was just the last stroke. It threatened my very life. I needed help! And I needed it urgently!

I got tired of dieting programs, fitness How-To’s, conflicting nutrition guides and so on. All the information I had wasn't helping me. I got married and hubby began to talk about my eating, weight and health issues. . .

I needed a Change. Breaking free was actually a huge problem. The greatest thing that happened to me is making peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. The next great thing is learning to take proper care of my body, I was jolted when I realized that NOBODY else will do that for me.

I Took Care Of The First!

I urgently needed to do the next great thing. This was when my sister who also was suffering from bulimia, gave me a book that changed my life.

Talk About Just A Book!

I knew I had to CHANGE IMMEDIATELY! It was not Easy. But my Passionate Desire for a life of Great Quality helped. This site is everything I have learned in over 12 years. I put it up as a signpost, a beacon of light to true freedom from eating problems.

I had challenges with HOW to share what I learned with people. I tried many options that failed, until I was introduced by a friend to This Simple Way Of Owning A Voice On The Internet and Smiling...

The natural hygiene solution you get here is simple but powerfully effective. You'll experience your desired, positive, great changes if only you'll follow the steps outlined in the pages. It is like getting back to the health and happiness of Eden. Yea! A truly Edenic lifestyle!

To a Healthier and Happier you!!!

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