Long Term Effects Of Bulimia

The long term effects of

bulimia weigh more than

their immediate and

easy-to-notice effects.

Heart Failure

This is an alarming

effect of bulimia.

Purging by use of

laxatives and vomiting

weakens the heart.

The electrolyte imbalance created by these bulimic actions

could lead to heart attack.

Potassium or other mineral deficiency which victims have as a result

of purges and vomiting leads to heart block where

the heart suddenly stops beating.

Kidney Problems

Toxins and other

poisonous substances in

the body are removed

by kidneys.

Their main function is to

keep the system free

from poisons.

But when continually as

a result of purging and

vomiting there's mineral imbalance, the kidneys are

strained trying to correct this.

Excess toxins are present in the body system as a result of these

abnormal bulimic lifestyle.

Attempts to get rid of these toxins get the kidneys overworked.

Next is either kidney infection or outright kidney failure.

Diuretics abuse also contributes to these kidney problems.

Teeth Decay

Stomach acids attack teeth and their enamel resulting

in high level sensitivity and teeth decay.

Cavities (or holes) develop in the teeth.

Victims go for filling. But as a result of continued exposure

to more stomach acids, the cavities grow wider and the fillings

give way. The teeth are eventually lost.

Digestive Problems

The digestive system is thrown into untold upheavals.

It introduces abnormality to the digestion processes.

Eat, eat and eat, and then, vomit or purge.

Eventually, the stomach finds it difficult to work well.

Victim experiences stomach pains, aches, bloating, and stomach ulcers.


Bulimia victims suffer from attacks of fear even long

after they have put bulimia behind them.

They lived with fear of being caught vomiting.

Even when the vomiting and/or purging stops,

the fear lingers for pretty long.

The torments could really be devastating.

Menstruation Ceases

In bulimic women, menstruation is adversely affected.

It either ceases completely or becomes very irregular.

This of course makes conception very difficult for victims.

Brain Fog

Because food eaten is not properly digested and glycogen released

for the use of the brain, the brain undergoes 'malnutrition.'

It doesn’t have enough to function on.

The thinking process is slowed down.

Victim becomes erratic and depressed.

Because their productivity is lowered, they entertain suicidal thoughts.


Children and teens who live a bulimic lifestyle expose their

systems to underdevelopment.

They'll likely not attain their maximum height and proper development

of their other body systems is compromised.

Untimely Aging

Bulimia victims age fast. Why not? The body systems are not well


Hair loss, dry skin are common as a result protein and mineral depletion.


Long term effects of bulimia weigh too much for you to keep indulging

in it. It is time to consider a way out.

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