Effects Of Bulimia

Effects Of Bulimia

The effects of bulimia a

victim experiences sure

depend on how long

they have been in it.

A beginner may read

the common effects and

think that they are

too far from it and

therefore, think they

are playing safe.

Gradual Dangerous Effects

But some of these effects are gradual and don't come overnight.

Recall that bulimia involves eating, binging, and getting rid of the foods.

Two ways to effect this is by vomiting, and by purging, using laxatives.

Some people use enema pumps to force a purge.

Primarily, a bulimic loves a shapely body and loves foods and eating.

This love for foods is a passion that goes

beyond their control.

Another way they try to

keep shapely while

eating and binging is

to do rather tasking


This exerts a lot on a

body that is already

weakened by vomiting

or purging.

Regular health

breakdown is usual.

My Romance With Bulimia

When I had a bulimia romance, because I didn’t like vomiting at all,

I used laxatives that were freely supplied by a friend.

The first effect I felt was weakness after each purge.

I looked and felt quite frail.

I didn’t understand what all that was.

Nor their implications.


Next I had was skin dryness.

No matter what cream I used as a teen, my skin remained dry.

My hair was weak, scanty, and brittle.

It refused to grow.

I neither could understand that nor was I able to explain it.

Rather, I thought it was just that I didn’t have long-hair genes!


Blurred vision was there too.

I had to keep my adventure with bulimia secret.

Only my friends who were involved in the deal knew about it.


More effects of bulimia?


Bulimics who vomit expose their throat and teeth to

stomach acids.

Acids must not be toyed with!

Soon, the acids attack the teeth, causing wearing off of

teeth enamel. Sensitivity starts from this.

Teeth decay sets in, leaving the victim with cavities.


Filling the cavities at the dentist's doesn’t exactly solve the problem.


As long as the vomiting is a habit, the acids would keep

at their work on the teeth, filled or not.

Soon, the teeth get more worn, or eroded.

This separates the teeth from the filling.

Next is, the teeth involved just give way completely.

Effects On Vital Organs

Purging causes dehydration.

Outside the dryness of skin, a worse effect of this is

electrolyte imbalance.

Potassium is needed by the heart to function optimally.

Purging depletes potassium levels.

The heart is endangered and victim experiences irregular heart beats.

Heart attack could follow.


Kidney is another vital organ that bulimic practices affect badly.

Its function of waste disposal is disturbed.

When food is eaten and digested, the body takes what it needs,

sends wastes to the blood.

The kidneys then remove these wastes and water.

They leave the body as urine.


Some useful chemicals like sodium, phosphorus and potassium leave

the blood stream with wastes.

The kidneys measure them out and send them back into the blood

stream for the body's use.

In this way the kidneys regulate the level of these substances in the body.

A correct balance is necessary for life.

But regular purging brings about decreased potassium availability.

This adversely affects kidney and heart functions.


When regular vomiting and purging take place, this chemical balance

becomes distorted.

The important kidney function is disturbed or slowed down.

Dehydration which occurs because of vomiting or purging

increases blood urea nitrogen.

This means extra work for the kidneys because they work

more to remove the blood urea to urine.

Constant overwork means that the kidneys are endangered

and may soon pack up.

Riskiest Effect

The riskiest of all the effects of bulimia is death.

A bulimic wants to get rid of the food they ate fast

because, keeping it longer within may cause weight gain.

This simply means that the body systems are not nourished,

not provided with body-repair nutrients.

The body can only bear so much.

It soon stops dead.


Stop bulimia! Or it will Stop You!

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