Eating Disorder Help For Sustainable Freedom

An Apple A Day!!!

Every challenge carries a seed of solution within it. Eating disorder is no exception.

External eating disorder

help may be great and

necessary if you can

get some.

But that which comes

from you to fight this

health- and life-threat

could go farther. It's the

best eating disorder

help ever.

You Are Not Born With It

No one was born with eating disorder. True some

people talk about some gene malfunctions and the like.

To me, that's like giving authority over my life to some genes I cannot hold

conversations with.

So negotiating my freedom is far fetched.

The Truth

Do you want straight

from the gut answers?

If you are bingeing,


Eat only at meal times

and gradually reduce

the quantity.

If you are a bulimia

victim, turn to a Victor

by putting an end to your compulsive

overeating and killing the habit of forcing out the foods you ate.

If you are anorexic, stop in your tracks and start eating.

Your answer is, eat healthy foods regularly.


Every other stuff beyond the above are embellishments.

You may require medical help, especially if you are near crisis point and you

see your health and strength ebbing away.

 Use Nature

Ever considered using fresh organic fruits and vegetables to

give your system a great balance?

What I Did To Gain Freedom

When I reached a crisis point in my anorexic days, fruits were quite helpful.

I don’t know what types you have in your part of the globe.

But then, I ate a lot of fresh Water Melon.

I ate Pineapples too.

These helped me recover fast.

My appetite came back to life.


I still eat fresh fruits.

Some people eat fruits wrongly and don’t benefit from all it stands to give.

I eat fruits as Breakfast and on Empty Stomach, Only.

If hunger comes before lunch, take more fruits.


Enjoy the discipline of eating proper lunch with vegetables.

Whole grains are excellent.

Cut off the ice creams, cakes and the rest in the junk family.

Yea, you could do without them.


The earlier the dinner, the better. As in, don’t see yourself gorging yourself

with dinner at 11 pm.

9 pm or earlier is good enough. The lighter the meal, the better also.

 Kids Too?

For younger people, as in, children and teens who are victims, parental

supervision over eating and foods, what and when to eat, is most


This should be on till they are able to make excellent food and health

decisions for themselves.

If you don’t Train them, please, don’t Blame them.


Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you found this helpful…

You'll find much more on the rest of the pages and please,

remember, it's all free!

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