Dangers Of Anorexia

Choices And Consequences

Because many don’t think of dangers of anorexia, this eating disorder poses an escape route to thinning out fast and now. While humans have a right to make choices, they sure don’t determine or choose the consequences of their choices. Living an anorexic lifestyle is like that. You choose the lifestyle as the best, and the consequent dangers follow, no matter how much you wish them away...Some dangers of anorexia could last the rest of your life time.

Some are immediate and clear off in a short time... if you come out of the lifestyle, that is. These are:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Pains and irritability
  • Regular attacks of cold
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle toe and finger nails
  • Tooth decay
  • Insomnia
  • Your inability to eat at all
  • Your isolation syndrome
  • Your fears and low self-esteem…

These may all leave you or heal within a short time, when you call it quits with being anorexic.

Long Term Effects Of Anorexia

But if you've been on anorexia for pretty long, then,

  • Osteoporosis would set in giving you brittle bones
  • Poor vision,
  • Loss of friends and relationships,
  • Teeth loss- Dentists are available to pull them off
  • Heart palpitations and other cardiac issues,
  • Suicidal imaginations

These would take a very long time to heal, if at all.

  • Anorexia Death- This one is completely irreversible.

Teen Anorexia

If you are a teen anorexic for example, your growth and development processes will be impaired or slowed down by anorexia. You may become stunted in height and size. This may be for life. Reason? This is the age at which your body is programmed to go through strategic growth processes for maturity into adulthood. Toying with anorexia now will make a stunted adult out of you. Again, some of your organs may not develop properly. This will show up later in life when those organs are put to task. Anorexia causes brain fog…. Here your brain is kind of hazy, slowing down thought and reasoning processes. If you are still in school, your academic performance will be affected badly resulting in inability to measure up to expectations and moving on with your mates. Having to repeat a class makes 365days look like 365months. Did I mention that your exposure to health breakdowns will make you a regular absentee from class or work? The implications are far reaching.

Adult Anorexia

If you are an adult living with anorexia, the thinning and weakening of your bones as a result of osteoporosis could cause you slipped disc just while attempting to lift a weighty pot or item. This takes far too long to heal. Some anorexics have lived with this for years in spite of medications. Their walk and movement are grossly affected as a result of the pain that's-just-there.

You are welcome here. Please, feel free to learn what works here.

Friend, you can live healthy, don’t live with these dangers of anorexia! You sure can come out… After all, I came out!

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