Bulimia Symptoms

Bulimia symptoms are mainly eating, eating huge amounts of foods, binging (as in, eating more and more within a short span), and loving it all the way. Then, the bulimic feels guilt for all the foods consumed. Feels physically uncomfortable too. They also feel heavy, as in overweight. This may not necessarily be the case. But, they simply never want to be overweight. If anything, they want to be thin. They are quite passionate about this. Perhaps you are in this already... Then, this makes you take unreasonable steps: Get rid of the foods already eaten. You don’t ever want it to contribute to your weight gain at all. But you forget about nourishment and body rejuvenation/renewal.

What's your fastest way to effect No-Weight-Gain after eating as you like?

A finger or two inserted deep into the mouth/throat forces a throw-up or vomit. Or for some people like me, back then… Use pills to force a purge and use the loo quick and a number of times per day.

There's also the secretive part of it all.

You don’t want friends and family to know. So the more you could keep to yourself while at this unwholesome business the merrier. Another way to make sure you don’t gain the highly unwanted weight is to adopt a daily vigorous exercise pattern. Your body is over-tasked and the unexciting results are many. Some victims experience extreme weakness, fainting and even death.

You are welcome here.

I was a bulimic and I fully understand how it feels.

That's why I put up this website to help. Please feel free to read through. The info is all helpful and free too!

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