Stop Binge Eating

How Could I Ever Stop Bingeing?

To desire to stop binge

eating is one thing and

to really effect

it is another.

If you love food like I

do, the tendency to

binge is high.

No wonder I became a

binge victim with ease.

That's been many years


It is now a story because I now live totally free of binge.

How did I get to stop binge eating?

It may interest you to know that I used no drugs to

suppress my then ever-present passion for foods.

Exercises? Not Interested...

I was not interested in exercising so I was just getting larger.

I didn’t like my large, almost obese structure.

And hubby wasn’t helping matters for me.

He just kept poking jokes at me.

Some of them I considered rather expensive.

Bigger Body, Same Heart

The first alarm I got that

jolted me into desiring at all

to do something about my

weight was an info I got from

an old book.

It said simply that while my

body was getting wider, as in

larger, my heart wasn’t.

The implication to me was

far reaching.

My logical reasoning told me that it meant that the area the heart

had to pump blood through was larger than normal.

So by my binging, my heart was getting over-worked.

My mind got sufficiently alarmed and motivated to correct the anomaly.

I didn’t want any heart attack nor had any plans to die young.

I still have too much to do and contribute around here.

A New Decision

I decided to stop binge eating.

All soda drinks, junk eating and the likes were the first to get axed.

Next was my food volume.

I reduced the amount of condensed foods I ate

per meal and made up with fresh organic vegetables.

Next step, I started doing light aerobics.

Light enough to not put my body or heart under undue stress.

My usual junk breakfast had to give way to fresh fruits.

Feeling Better In Just A Few Days

I saw myself feeling better and stronger daily.

And then my face firmed up.

Gradual weight reduction started.


You would love to read more on this sustainable recovery process.

You are welcome to enjoy this info-loaded site.

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