Anorexia Nervosa Effects

Some anorexia nervosa effects are immediate while some are long term.

But, generally, Eating Disorders Effects are many.Reasons? Humans control their choices but have no powers to control the consequences of their choices. These consequences are predetermined to take effect even if you later dislike your choices.

Immediate Anorexia Effects

• Acute hunger pangs

• Dizziness

• Headaches

• Tummy aches

• Body aches

• Brain fogginess

• Abnormal irregular heart beats/palpitations

• Cold

• Nausea

• Weakness

• Fainting spells

• Blurred vision

• Aloneness/Loneliness

Long Term Effects Of Anorexia

• Brittle bones

• Fear

• Conception difficulties in women who desire to get pregnant

• Sleeplessness

• Heart aches

• Bony/Skeleton body

• Missed/Slow heart beats

• Low Productivity

• Irregular menstrual periods (in females)

• Stunted growth and poor development in young people

• Dry skin

• Dehydration

• Constipation

• Death

As seen above the effects are many. But the worst is death. As you could see in Anorexia Damage page on this website, anorexia is a slow suicide adventure and shouldn't be toyed with.

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