Health Risks Of Anorexia

Fainting: one of the health risks of anorexia

Anorexia = Lion's Den

To ignore the health

risks of anorexia and

dabble into it, is like

ignoring a lion in its

den while attempting

to pick your ball

that flew in there.

The mission may be

excused but the risks

may cost lives.

So it is with anorexia.

Many health risks are associated with it.

Battling with anorexia really means battling to save a life.

I had the health risks of anorexia without knowing they had anything to

do with anorexia or the fact that I wasn’t eating enough.

-The Heart

One of the riskiest part

of the practice of

anorexia is what it

does to the heart.

If you have heart

palpitations and

heartaches, and you

are anorexic, hmm…

watch it!

Cardiac arrest or irreparable heart

damage could be knocking at your doors.

While this is said to be seen in long-term anorexics,

it could start soon after the beginning.

Yea, depending on your system's composition.



Lack of proper rest through sleeping is one huge risk of this

eating disorder. It doesn’t just end in your not sleeping well,

but lowers your productivity.



Sleeplessness adds to the headaches.

Lack of food and proper nutrition causes headaches as

the brain is deprived of the needed energy to run on.

The result is headaches.

I remember having these headaches almost on a constant basis.

I'd go to bed feeling the aches, wake up in the morning

still experiencing it, and go through the day bearing it.

-Tooth Decay And


Every good food you

eat has nourishment it

supplies to different

parts of the body.

An anorexic denies

self and systems

access to these

necessary nutrients.

Tooth, nails, other bones become brittle.

They give way at the slightest pressure. Nails break easily, teeth develop

holes, for example.


-Dizziness/Fainting/Blurred Vision

Lack of food causes dizziness. In some victims of anorexia, this progresses

to fainting or passing out.

Blurred vision when not dizzy is a usual experience.


-Poor Blood Circulation

This is critical and shows up as pins and needles in

the limbs and other body parts.

I experienced this almost on a daily basis without linking

it to my anorexia lifestyle.


There are more certainly but these are felt by most anorexics.


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