Bulimia Causes ...From Home Or Choices?

To talk about bulimia causes, I quickly recalled my past fling with this eating disorder. Why did I go into it at all?

I was in boarding school and doing pretty well academically. Had excellent results to show at home. But Daddy said I wasn’t studying enough in spite of my high grades. His evidence? I was growing fatter, instead of thinning out because of pressure exerted by excessive studies. I loved and still love my dad and would go out of my way to please him. He was an exceptional dad to me. I never wished I had another dad in his place. Now studying was cheap to me. I didn’t have to struggle to understand my subjects. So reading was with too much ease. I didn’t know how to explain this to dad.

Learning And Taking Bulimia Tips

So when vacation was approaching, and a look at the mirror showed that I was fatter than when I left home, I felt I needed to do something...and very fast. You see, I was a great eater. Eating and binging, that is. So naturally, it showed in my weight. Reading or no reading!

Something had to be done and fast too… I had among my friends, an older girl who had similar challenges. She was experienced, and had some laxatives in her possession. She freely supplied me the awful-tasting laxatives. I swallowed them to purge. Several visits to the loo daily, days before going home. Added to this was my extreme exercise regime. This became my practice. Eat what you want, and take some pills to get rid of it all after enjoying the taste.

Other Causes Of Bulimia

Some other bulimics start off with some peers, friends or spouse teasing them about their size. Some have parents or heroes cum 'sheroes' who are bulimics. May be this affected your choice for bulimia.

Or may be, you just on your own volition want to eat your cake and have it! You want to always eat what you wish, the amount you wish, and as many times as you desire. You just have an incredible passion for foods and eating. Surprisingly, you equally want to remain trim, thin and trendy.

So you adopted the lifestyle of eating, compulsive overeating, binging, vomiting or purging using laxatives or enema. In addition, they follow a crazy rigorous exercise regimen.

Drugs Among Bulimia Causes

Some friends have reported that they started overeating and binging because of hormone drugs they were on. It sure could be very tempting to go bulimic when you see yourself overeating and binging as a result of drugs recommended by experts.

But, please you don't have to. The dangers are just too risky to trifle with. The price is just too high for the prize of a shapely body.

Choose to eat healthy and live well.

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