Male Eating Disorder Is Real

Male Eating Disorder

While eating disorders

are prevalent among

females, men are

not left out.

Fact is, men are known

to eat more. Or society

permits them to eat

more. Consequently,

they could tilt off the


Men have been known to be victims of binge.

This is uncontrolled almost continuous eating, and almost never feeling full.

They eat and ask for more, then more and yet some more.

From Overeating To Under-eating

The effect of the binge could be protruding tummy.

Then they dive into anorexia.

This starts little by little, one step after another.

They drastically reduce the amount they eat.

Just in order to shed excess weight or flatten the protruding tummy.

Then, the little becomes one meal a day, or no meal a day.

The Crises of Anorexia


Hubby had this

because, I had this

anorexic push to skip


Then in love or

sympathy(!!!), he joined

me. We suffered the

health breakdown at

the same time.

Mine was just slightly more severe because I was in it a longer time.

So, when that demand for more or for much less comes,

please beware! I mean, guys, beware!

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