The Reality Of Men With Eating Disorders

Men With Eating Disorders

Very true that women

and girls are mostly

affected by eating

disorders, men and boys

are not left out.

They too are

vulnerable. They are

affected almost at

the same rate as

girls and women in

Binge  (50:50) and less (1 in 4) in Anorexia!

Men and boys who have eating disorders have a distorted sense of

body image. Many suffer from an extreme concern to be more muscular.

This is a disorder called muscle dysmorphia.

They oscillate between extremes:

Some want to lose weight while others want to gain weight to develop

their muscles.


Some think they are too small and get into substance abuse,

as in the use of steroids to build up more muscles.

Effects Of Eating Disorders In Men

The effects of eating

disorders in girls and

women are similar to

those in men and

boys. Diseases and

their effects are

hardly gender sensitive.


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