Anorexia Damage

Talking of anorexia damage brings to mind the many irreparable damages many who have been through anorexia have to live with, sometimes, long after calling it quits with anorexia.

Teen Anorexia: Underdeveloped Body And Teeth

What do you do about an underdeveloped body that got to that state because of an anorexic lifestyle? If I heard you well, "Absolutely nothing!" If you embraced anorexia at the growing stage of life, as a teen, there's a likelihood that your growth and development got impaired. This could be for life. You had teen anorexia. A teen anorexia girl I know had her dentition scattered as a result. Her teeth refused to align well. She is an otherwise pretty girl. But her teeth, each time she laughs or tries to talk, reveals the awful effects of anorexia. Today, she's looking for a dentist that could fix her teeth up. She lost a lot to anorexia including not attaining even an average height. She is skinny and a poor reflection of her former self. She now eats well, alright, but filling up is taking some time. Anorexia damage at work!

Anorexia in teens certainly contributes to the Falling Standards of Education which seems a global issue now. How much really do you expect of a student whose brain and body are underfed? Sometimes, the rate at which they skip meals tallies with the rate at which they skip classes. And if for fear of punishment they are present in class, they learn little or nothing. They are present, gazing at the teacher and taking in nothing. It shows up in the results sheet at the end of the school term.

Anorexia Death

Some died just within a few months of anorexia practice. They are a great loss to family, friends and society in general. The reduced productivity or no productivity due to anorexia counts against general productivity of school or organization. Anorexia is so devastating that till date, I am yet to know any plus-factor it added to me or my family. I have been there myself, and have watched others go through it. The crisis I had after months of an anorexic lifestyle is not what you'd wish even an enemy to go through. I lost ability to eat. I also lost ability to sleep. I knew the root of the problem. So, my immediate response was to get in food into my failing system. Every such attempt sent me to the bathroom to vomit out every thing I managed to force in. It was scary! My head, the fever, the trembling (my feet could hardly carry me), the dizziness... It was like hanging between life and death. I practically begged to live. Why waste a good God-given life in the quest for a skinny frame? Thank God for His mercies. I Recovered!

Two Hidden Anorexia Symptoms: Huge Deception And Loss Of Control

Anorexia is a great self-deception and destruction. You can do without it. Look at it from any angle and you'll end with the same conclusion. It is a colossal body abuse and waste. The risks and long term anorexia effects are too many for anyone to suggest adopting it as a lifestyle, no matter how short the time you wish to practice it.If the idea is to shed off excess weight, if indeed you have excess weight, there are better ways to do so than suicidal starvation. If the idea is to gain control, why trifle with what would end up taking absolute charge of your life? Anorexia has a lure. Initially, you see yourself in seemingly perfect control. You are in charge of what you eat, when to eat and if to eat. Later, there's a Compulsive starvation obsession. Then anorexia even dictates what you see in your mirror! It presents a fat you to you when indeed you are too skinny. And if like me, you decide to start eating, Captain Anorexia would even say, "No, not today!"

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