Binge Eating Disorder Corner

Binge eating disorder is An Unusual Passion For Foods.

You just keep eating and would do anything to get to eat some more. You actually feel a loss of control over your desire to eat.

You have no desire to exercise or fast. Consequently, overweight or obese comes. There's also the unnerving feeling of guilt at the end of an eating episode. Unfortunately, this makes you go for even more.

See these Terrible Effects of over- and continuous eating.

These negative effects include:

  • Tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Personality disorders
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High Blood Pressure (High BP)
  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • and many more.

Appetite Suppressants

Some binge eating disorder sufferers use chemical appetite suppressant drugs which have many bad side-effects. Sometimes, the side-effects are worse and more dangerous than the overeating itself. You probably heard of the guy that had heart problems. He went to a good MD who wrote out prescription after diagnosis. Next, the patient wanted to know the good and bad effects of each of the drugs. The guy was writing as the MD talked. At the end, the patient surmised and told the MD as much, that the SIDE EFFECTS of the drugs would Kill FASTER than the heart disease!!! Why all these for binge eating disorder?

Why drug yourself to death over this issue? You could enjoy binge eating recovery NATURALLY! This style will leave you with ONLY good effects.

How To Stop Binge Eating

A habit formed can be broken. An enlarged appetite can be put under check. But it takes a lot of discipline. It may not be straight easy, but it's worth trying. And it is do-able... One step at a time.

My Binge Eating Recovery Story

I never knew I could ever come out of binging. Well, for obvious reasons... I love foods. I love eating. Eating was a hobby. My excessive weight gain was one pointer to the fact that something needed to be done. But how? And what? My first response with the aid of a classmate, was eat, and get rid of the food, after enjoying it... through use of laxatives. This seemed to work... But it left me too too weak for my liking. And I was a sports girl who needed to be up and doing.

Later in life after I had our last baby, food became it again for me. I would eat in and out of season. My growing weight became a major concern. I got into excessive exercise, but the weight wouldn't leave. I gave up. Not without the usual excuses: It's in my genes!!!

This was when I read that as my body was getting larger, my heart wasn't. This means that my heart would be overworked by my body-mass demands. Simply put, the area that my heart had to pump blood to got enlarged by my expanding weight or body mass. This jolted me. At this time I read a Book whose info I still use till date. That was how my appetite dwindled. You know, I didn't wanna dig my grave with my teeth. How could I just with my eyes open, destroy my life? I left binging eating disorder for good.

If I could, you too can...

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