Night Eating Disorder Disturbance

A Victim Of Night Eating Disorder

I was once a victim of


I never seemed to

have enough dinner.

As a result, I'll wake in

the dead of the night to

eat. Much as I tried

not to disturb others

while at it, somebody in

the house would wake.

And hear the noise in the kitchen.

It was embarrassing, to say the least.

But What Caused It?

Many factors.

Sometimes I didn’t think I ate enough dinner.

Sometimes I did.

But would still wake in the night feeling desperate for food.

At the time, I had this passion for food. My hobby? Eating!!!

So, nights were not left out.

Your System Pays The Price

But this night eating

disorder places a high

demand on your


Your system keeps

working though you are

supposed to be

sleeping. It results

in health breakdown of

different kinds.

And then of course, that unhealthy feeling of constantly feeling

not rested after a long sleep.

You Want To Break It Off?

How did I break it off?

I adopted a new set of discipline after a friend bugged me on this.

His words were mildly unkind…..

But, I took the message…., for my good!

I took a decision to just stop.

Fancy being reminded that it's Rats and not humans that eat at night!!!!


Anyway, the important point is that I stopped.

I made sure I ate dinner.

And even if I woke at night, since I wasn’t a Rat, I wouldn’t look for food!!!


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