Causes Of Anorexia

Actual Causes Of Anorexia Are Many

But it must be noted at this point that the choice you make plays a most important role.

  • Anorexia could stem from family tendencies. If someone or some people in the family had anorexia, and there's a repeat, then, it may be said that it runs in the family.

Serotonin Effect

  • A high level of serotonin in the brain could depress your appetite. This way, you feel just okay without eating.

Dieting/Thinning Out Program

  • You may want to shed off some excess weight and launch into a dieting program. An initial good result may encourage you to task your body more for more results. The quest to just shed a little now turns to the quest to really thin out.

More and harder extreme exercises, less eating, then little or no eating! Anorexia results.

The Media

  • The more advanced the society you live in is, the more the Media portrays thin as the perfect figure for girls and ladies. The media, which is one of the major causes of anorexia, pushes this to such an alarming extreme that even little girls know 'they must watch what they eat in order to be thin!'

Depression And Anxiety

  • Depression and anxiety could make someone drift into anorexia. It starts with just not wanting to eat a particular meal, then to eating just a little of another meal until, the person just wouldn’t eat.
  • An attempt at slow suicide could make somebody go into anorexia. Some elderly folks could start eating very little, then sometimes nothing at all.This goes on till they  encounter a crisis which will either fulfill their desires or get them hospitalized.

Peer Pressure

  • Pressures from peers, family, work, school could make people skip meals. Initially, it is just skipping a few meals. Then, more push to skip meals for days.

The system gets used to being without food and clamps up. You feel little or no hunger pangs. But you still keep pushing until your body gives a loud cry in breakdown.


  • Ignorance leads some people into anorexia. Because they don’t know the far reaching implication of observing certain eating and food rules, they jump into them. There might be a claim that it worked for someone in some far away place. Then they put their own body to task. The result is anorexia.

Poor Self Esteem

  • Some became easy anorexics because they've always had poor self esteem and bad image of themselves. No matter how great they look, their image of themselves is very far from good, very far from acceptable. So, if they think thin is the greatest thing that would happen to them, then there they go, pushing and punishing their bodies to achieve that.

 As said earlier, your choice in it all plays a most vital role. A sound understanding of anorexia is very important in this age where many assume the media correct in a lot issues.

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