Anorexia Causes -The Role Of Choices

Anorexia causes mainly have to do

with your personality and choices.

In other words, anorexia is deliberate for most people. The crisis that may come after may not be part of the choice. Not part of the bargain... It is a consequence, a result of the initial choices. The body is nourished by foods. If you decide not to eat, then you have chosen not to nourish your body. Anorexia results from a deliberate decision to starve the body of foods and nutrition. Reasons abound for the choice. It might be that you just want to slim down a bit, lose some pounds, that is.

But the drive to be thinner than the thinnest is what brings anorexia. You achieved your first goal. Then the next. Then, desiring more and faster results, you add a dislike for eating foods.

Extreme Exercise

You pick at your meals. You engage in more tasking extreme exercise program. I recall using skipping ropes to make 1000 skips every morning. I didn't stop there, I had other workouts. Why? To burn the fat that was hardly there. I encountered series of health breakdowns. I was satisfied, even very happy going through my rigid and extreme exercise program on empty stomach and going through the day without eating. It was such a self torture!

Then, I had a fixed time frame I must eat, if I would. Beyond that time was a no-go to foods. The whole thing hung around my hatred for my body, my carrying a wrong image of myself and body.

Eating Disorders And Body Image

Do you ever take a look at your mirror and always see a Fat person? I am amazed at that, as I look back now. You couldn't convince me otherwise. I felt fat in every part of me. My face, my thighs, arms, tummy, just about everywhere! My family and friends said I was too thin. To me that was flattery because each time, I saw myself as very FAT. My mirror said so! So that drive, that passion to really be reflected as thin in the mirror came. That was how I got hooked. My passion for a pretty thin figure was one of my own anorexia causes.

Eating Disorders And The Media

Our society today is heavily media-influenced. As a result, one could easily be lured into any eating disorder: binge, bulimia and especially the devastating Anorexia.The media teaches society that thin is beautiful, excellent and success. Picking up this as a paradigm to pursue if you ain't naturally so endowed, would drive many, especially females, and of course some males! to anorexia.

You could also have Pressures from friends, peers and even family. You may want to Exercise Super Control in one area of your life, especially if you see a loss of control in many other areas. Your meals wouldn’t bark at you if you skip them… So, the choice for anorexia comes easily. Even if ignorantly.

Anorexia And Depression

Emotional upsets, depression, high level work demands from school and work, and family anorexic patterns could initiate a starvation spree in someone. Anorexia could cause depression and depression could cause anorexia. Depression is one of the main anorexia causes.

But one thing, one thread runs continuously through it all, and that is, CHOICE.

Even if it is an uninformed choice, it is still a Choice nevertheless. So, anorexia causes are primarily based on choices. It is obvious that the choice to practice an anorexic lifestyle may be informed or totally uninformed.

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