Signs Of Anorexia


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What Signs of

Anorexia would you

see in a victim?

I was a victim.

The signs I experienced

are many.

On checking, I

discovered that these

signs are about the

same for most people.

Except well for gender-specific issues like menstrual periods.

They are

-Completely no menstrual periods for females or highly irregular periods.

-Aversion for eating

-Passing foods to family and friends or actually goading them to eat

-Avoiding public eating

-Distorted self-image: Feeling very fat when actually too thin



-Inability to feel hunger

-Body and head aches

-Brain fogginess

-Regular discussion of

weight matters


-Hair brittleness

-Passion for more work

outs than is necessary

-Constant desire to

wear a size below the

current thin size

-An inward slogan that

thin is super beautiful




I experienced all the above.

But God helped me unmake the deadly choices I had made,

and I came out.

I am Completely free now.

The steps I took to freedom are shared in this site.

The website is a beacon of light to

show you the path to sustainable solution.

You'll find things I did and how quite many

have been helped out of anorexia.


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