What Is Bulimia?

What Is Bulimia Nervosa?

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Bulimia Nervosa or bulimia (simply put) is an uncontrollable passion for foods and eating, and a consuming passion for a shapely body.
The two are opposites that don’t go together.

If you love to eat, overeat, binge, eat at odd hours,
whatever number of times per day and at the same time, you
don’t want to gain weight from the foods eaten, you could be inviting
You want to maintain a shapely, trendy, thin body all the time.
But you must eat what, how, and when you want.
How do we fix the two opposing demands together?

Sometimes, I describe bulimia as body-demands Riot!

Signs Of Bulimia
To achieve the opposing demands, the cheap way is to eat and purge
or vomit. I adopted this lifestyle, when it seemed I couldn't just help
eating and eating. Seeing me growing fat and fatter as a result of excessive
eating made me start looking for a way out.

A friend supplied me cheap pills that purged with ease.
I didn't like vomiting, so this was okay… Or was it?
I was in bulimia without knowing.

I accurately represented the answer to the what is bulimia question.

Passion for eating foods and passion for a shapely body at the same time, spell one thing: B-u-l-i-m-i-a.
Regular use of the loo soon after eating could be a pointer to bulimia.
If you check well the business in the loo at this time would often be
to force a vomit through inserting the finger in the throat or purging by use of laxatives
or by use of enemas.

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Causes Of Bulimia

What are the causes of bulimia? Really, what causes bulimia?

My straight to the face answer is, Choice coupled with ignorance.
I remembered myself as I said this. Yes, maybe you are like I was.
I loved food and I just wouldn't stop…
Then, each look at the mirror made me want to be like trendy Television models.
There were also girls around me who seemed to have it all.
While I wanted to be like them, cutting down on my food intake sounded
like cutting off my neck…

A friend suggested that I could eat my cake and have it back.
She gave me free supplies of laxatives.
I still shudder at how much I was ignorantly willing to endanger my life.
I also shudder at how much support we get especially at the wrong things.
So with the laxatives, I ate freely and purged dangerously.

I never bothered about Bulimia side effects.

nor about Long term Effects Of Bulimia.

Effects Of Bulimia

Fact is, whether I bothered or not, the effects of bulimia caught up with me.
Dizziness and constant headaches seemed constant.
Body weakness and mind weakness were present. Using my mind effectively seemed an impossible task.
The frail looks that were enforced by regular purging made my trendy-looks desire a mission-impossible!
Did I mention the secrecy and isolation associated with bulimia eating disorder?

And there are Many More Dangerous Effects....

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