Stop Bulimia Tips

End Your Romance With Bulimia

It is time to stop your

romance with bulimia.

Yes, to stop bulimia

before it stops you!

Time to cut off every

link with it.

Now is the right time.

No time could be better.

The Right Place To

Begin is Here.


  • Looking good is good business, yes?

You must accept who you are and your looks.

You are best when your live up to and keep up

with  your God-given frame.

Not the frame you adopted via binging and purging.

Eat to nourish your body, not to entertain it.


  • Plan your meals.

Eat within the plan.

Eat for health and not for a full stomach.

Learn to operate the millionaire mindset of not

wasting your resources.

Don't waste your energy either.

Because, the more energized you are, the better able

you are to take on  your world and live a life of impact.

  • What is your best plan

    for breakfast?

You want to live a

healthy, fruitful life


Want an expert and

true advice?

Go for fresh organic

fruits in the morning.

Someone said, wherever

humans live, there are fruits.

In varying degrees, that is.

Remember, An apple a day, keeps the doctor away…

This has a lot of truth in it.


The best time to eat fruits is in the morning.

On empty stomach.

Fruits are digested in the small intestine.

Eating them or drinking juices after eating a meal

creates a problem for your system and health.


  • So eat fruits in the morning on empty stomach.

As your breakfast.

Enjoy this most perfect meal for your system.

It helps to put your body and brain in top shape

and state to deliver optimally.


Water melon is very good

Pineapples are very good too.

Apricots, Sour sop, banana, avocado pear,

pawpaw, mangoes, apples, guava, grapes,

oranges and what have you?

They are all excellent.


With this, a healing process starts in your entire system.

A healing process to stop bulimia.

This will affect both the craving to binge and the urge

to purge.

It will heal damages already done and stop further damages.

And For Lunch?
  • For Lunch, fresh organic vegetables should make a

    substantial part of the meal.

Keep this as a constant.

Whatever the lunch, keep a generous helping of vegetables.

Fresh vegetables as, fresh carrots, fresh cucumber, lettuce,

spinach, cabbage, celery, eggplant  and more.

Some of them may need to be warmed a bit before you eat them.

Eat just enough.

  • Keep clean, fresh carrots handy to snack on.

  • A few pieces of non sweet crackers may help,

or no-sugar  whole wheat biscuits.

For Dinner

  • For dinner, eat light and eat early, long before bed.

On the whole, the more natural and unprocessed

your foods, the better.


These natural produce spark off a healing process in your body.

And when you eat and focus on them, the tendency for

unhealthy cravings begins to wither.

Fresh Air Helps

  • Take walks when and where you can take in a lot of

fresh air. Make this a leisure time, fun, without tasking you.


This is by no means exhaustive but a great way to start.

Yea, to stop bulimia and the risky damages it causes.

Practice for 10 days and let's hear what your body has to say…..

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