Teen Eating Disorders Challenge And The Way Out

The Teen eating disorders topic is here discussed by a retired teen. Yes, retired but not expired. Also, one who went through binge, bulimia, binge again, and finally anorexia. That was many years ago. Today, I am healthy, strong and fit. That's a pointer to the truth that teen eating challenges can be arrested.

Important Facts On Teen Eating Disorders

  • Teens all over the world are facing nourishment deprivation. Reasons for this abound.

Family instability is a pointer.

Absence of parents is another. The more sophisticated the society, the worse. Moms and Dads don’t have the time. No time to prepare nutritious meals. No time to supervise teens as they eat at home. But you must be fed. So, you eat the available. And the available often is great for your palates. Easy on the pockets. But lack proper nourishment for your body.

Eating Disorders And The Media

  • Teens get more info from the media and their peers than from their first teachers: parents. You remember how many hours you spent watching T.V. just yesterday?

You saw the good, the bad and the ugly. So your 'food-education' is questionable. For instance, the media tells that the successful and popular models have skinny bodies. How do you and other teens actualize this info? Starve? Extreme Exercise? Fast? To please mum…you eat little. Do they call it anorexia? Ain't these mere words? But the model's name isn't Anorexia!!! Teen anorexia arises with the Risky Effects.

Teenage Binge Drinking And Binge Eating

On the other hand, the same media presents sumptuous, yummy processed foods. Eat this to be wise, beautiful, strong, most admired and most photographed! Drink this to make your 'Maturity Statement'. Some teens really go for these, do you? In a whole week, some running in months, they feed on this sweet junk and indulge in rounds of high alcohol consumption. That's the reason for the high rise of teenage alcohol abuse. And there are varieties of them.

If you do these, you end up looking for more each time. You crave for more. Great risk is that your system is not fed. Not nourished.

Teen eating disorders arise. Not because you just want to mess up. But because you are malnourished and uninformed. Some teens are uncared for.

Growing Passion For Foods

Your appetite enlarges to take in more. More junk, of course. You keep looking for more. Your system runs out of order because it's over-sugared. But can't but just keep eating. Overeating each time and very often. This is teen eating disorders. Precisely, teen binge eating.Because you Binge, you are likely overweight. O yea, some binge without becoming overweight. Reason? They have very high metabolism. This means that their system breaks down foods with ease, uses up fats or gets rid of the excess, BUT HARDLY STORES FATS.

Peer Pressure

Your friends probably overeat the same way. They suffer almost the same health breakdowns as you. And, if you are overweight, some friends would want you to eat your cake and have it back! Especially if they hear that you don’t want to be fat. Eat and vomit or purge after satisfying your palates... You start on that. This has a name too: teenage bulimia.

Dangerously, I was into this as a teen. I used laxatives. For some, that's a better deal than forcing a throw-up. A classmate supplied me the laxatives, free.

The idea was to keep my weight down. While I ate whatever I wanted any time. I started from binge and got into bulimia. May be you are like I was. The reasons we got in and why teens get in today are about the same.

Get teen help fast and beat teen eating disorders.

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