Adolescence Eating Disorder

Adolescence Eating Disorder is caused by many factors. At this stage, you are not a child, and you are not an adult. This happens to be your high growth stage. You likely have many questions and many demands on you. These demands could so overwhelm you that a proper meal plan is difficult if not impossible to follow. That's why you may find yourself overeating without care. You eat and care nothing about your weight today. This is Binge! You eat and eat and eat again. Sometimes, you just seem unstoppable in this eating jamboree. Whatever the time and wherever. That is, even when you notice your body getting really large, you keep at eating. This is binge eating. Another extreme is eating pretty little or not eating at all. Sometimes for days running. It becomes a lifestyle. This is teen anorexia. You must have heard about teen alcohol abuse. That's overindulgence in alcohol-drinking to get drunk. Reasons for this quest to get drunk are many but the effects are too much to be overlooked.

Started as Teen Anorexia

Maybe like me, your adolescence eating disorder started at the teen level. Being away from home and proper parental supervision for many hours, or months hit many teens badly. And especially, in the area of foods and eating. There's this new freedom to make choices which ends up in health disaster sometimes. I look back now and laugh at the foolish choices my friends and I made over food. Some of them would have made our mums turn red and white in anger and shock! I watched many kids in my boarding school then, break down in health, miss classes, even fail exams because they would skip meals to get to look like their admired model. This is teen anorexia and the damage is enormous. Why? This is your very high growth and development stage. Lack of eating food and proper nourishment for your body would impair this process. Brain and body weakness, distorted development of your vital organs and body cause poor performance in school. Unfortunately, what you do as a teenager doesn't all get obliterated when you become an adolescent. Teen anorexia is one of those whose effect can really drag.

But you can recover fully if you make up your mind for it.

Teen Alcohol Abuse

Teen alcohol abuse is another such disorder whose effect lingers into adolescence and sometimes into adulthood. For fun, to embolden themselves, to quieten a nagging conscience, teens go into consuming alcoholic drinks at alarming levels and consequently get drunk. Do you reckon with the effect of this on the brain and the liver?What about academic and sports performance?

Teen Bulimia

It is really amazing to watch some teens and adolescents eat. How would you explain the fact that many teens and adolescents eat much more food than they require? And on a daily basis... I hope you don't do this. This would make you grow bigger, and fatter. And then read this one: Some friends would tell you to eat your cake and have it back! So, you eat and get rid of the food by vomiting or purging. This is Bulimia! I know because I did it back then in school. Mine was even more dangerous because I had this friend who always had laxatives to offer me after overeating. I never thought of any side effects the drugs and purging would have on me.

You could only do as much as you know. You don't have to live with adolescence eating disorder. That's why this website. To help arm you with the right information to keep your body healthy. Eat the right foods, the right amount for your body and at the right time.

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