Teenage Anorexia

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Your teen years are

very important that's

why all the efforts

from different quarters

to help you achieve

your purpose in life.

On the other hand,

that's why all the rage

to break your focus

and stop your progress.

Teenage anorexia stops many teens from achieving their ultimate purpose on earth.

Do you see plants that grow well without drawing nourishment from the ground?
Okay, let's come home: Do you starve your pet puppy or kitten for one week and expect it to grow well and happy? If you feed your puppy just once a day, what happens? Stretch that for one week and you'll notice that the puppy becomes very weak, emaciated, sickly and may even likely die.

Your body is no different.

Mum Said...

How you feed your body is very important. You are probably in school, away from home. You are expected to take decisions practically on your own now. Mum and dad or guardian gave instructions, yea? But you are now faced with carrying out the instructions or not. How well you do in life later would have much to do with what you do with the instructions today.

They gave you a foundation of eating at home and that kept you well up till now. Teenage anorexia actually comes because many teens want to do it their own way, not understanding the far-reaching consequences. But you could choose to be different. Anorexia is devastating at whatever age.

Teenage anorexia is anorexia practised among teens. Teenage period is the time of fastest growth of both body and organs. It is also time for fast mind development. If you invest this time wisely then the sky would be your Starting point.
You'll be unstoppable. You are most vulnerable at your weakest point. That's why wise men and women do not go into hard negotiations when they are hungry, tired or pressed.
An anorexic lifestyle would keep your system hungry and tired, and then make you do things you ordinarily wouldn't.

Anorexia is an uncommon hatred for eating foods because you want to be bone skinny. In addition, an anorexic runs an extreme exercise program. The Effect of this decision and practice is not only the thinning out but also

  • body and mental weaknesses
  • brittle bones
  • poor vision
  • headaches
  • irritability
  • isolation because you prefer to eat alone, if at all.
  • You don't want family and friends to see how little you eat.

  • irregular heart beat
  • depression
  • secrecy
  • low immunity and consequent regular health breakdowns
  • dry skin
  • cavities in teeth
  • Seeing FAT in the mirror when may see you as too thin
  • Crisis and Death

What To Do About Bullies

It is not strange to be bullied by peers.

Nope, not strange at all.

We all don't have to be bone

skinny to be accepted and beautiful.

Life is in phases and men

are in sizes, says a wise man.

Your size differs from your bully's size… This doesn't make him or her better than you in any wise. If you don't have the genes to grow as tall as Michael Jordan to make the basketball team, ain't there other games that require less height where you could fit in?

Some teens are programmed to be thin.

Some to be fat, or full.

Some are average.

Maintain who you are.

That's where you are best!

Oh, if you are overweight, you could Do Something About It.

But adopting an anorexic lifestyle is certainly not the answer. 

Teenage anorexia is a generational devastator we can actually do without.

Say, "No", to it today.

If you are already in, there's a Way Out Here.

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