Teenage Bulimia

Teenage Bulimia

Teenage bulimia is

common among

students who are

anxious to keep their

weight in check fast.

It is a risky eating

disorder among teens.

Reason is because a lot

about  bulimia is done in


Take the hiding to eat heavy, the vomiting, the laxative intake,

the frequent use of the loo…

They are all done in secret.

As a result, teen bulimics get deep in the practice before

anyone notices to help.

This is the reason it cheaply devastates and kills teenagers.

Unfortunately too, the teen period is a time of enormous

growth and development of body and mind.

Meddling with this eating disorder distorts the required


Look Out For These

You therefore need to be aware of what to look out for in order

to track any teen bulimic around you, whether your teen child,

student or friend.

-Compulsive exercising

-Overeating and binging

-Obsessed with weight and body image

-Frequent use of the toilet while or soon after eating

-Possession of pills or enema

-Unusual weakness and restlessness

-Puffy cheeks as a result of excessive vomiting

-Smell of vomit

-Decaying teeth

Ask Questions

Another thing to do is to ask

direct questions.

Find out what they know and

what they do.

This may require long, or

short sessions.

You may not get the answers

all at once.

But do ask.

Allow an air of freedom to discuss this about

themselves and their friends.

You may be surprised at their take on bulimia.

Another shock is how many of their friends that have

been living with it who 'have not died!!!'


The earlier you got this romance with danger nipped the better.

This site is filled with loads of helpful info.

You are welcome to read through the pages...

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